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Told You I Was Out Of Them June 22nd, 2005

Roku - 11:47 PST

Well, obviously Google isn't back, so it's me again. Today will be my last day of this extended guest hosting period though; Castomel will be back tomorrow. It was a lot of work, but I had fun. What do you mean it isn't over yet? Oh yeah, today's column...

Order! Order!

Hey Goog/Cast/Roku/Other RPGamer QnA chap

I won't go into a long speel over stuff just decided I'd ask opinions on which game I should play next

Here's my list of unbeaten stuff:

Stella Deus Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga
Growlanser Generations(yeah i know it is two games)
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits(have no idea what the series is about just got it because $30 is a good price for a strategy rpg)

Arros Raikou


Well, unless you have a burning desire to see what happens at the end of .hack, I'd choose something else. Growlanser II is good, but it's short. Growlanser III is longer, but not as good. SMT DDS is pretty good too. Arc the Lad IV can be played without the other ones, so you could pick that one up without worries. It had a lot of potential, but you spend most of the game fighting the same enemy units, so a lot goes to waste. I haven't played Stella Deus, so I can't really tell you about that.

More Tactics

Hey Roku or whoever if someone else is back now,

What is it when everyone talking about FFTactics as the godsend of all tactical RPGs? Yes it's an awesome game, and it does have some party customization, but as for character, any character in the game can be just as good as another, unless up against a special character like T.G. Cid/Orlandu.

What the question should really be, is when is Squaresoft going to give back Quest to Atlus and let us see another Tactics Ogre? Of course this is something you wouldn't know, or anyone else for that matter.

What's your opinion on it. Do you think we'll ever see another Ogre Battle or Tactics Ogre again at all? Also, if we do happen to see one, do you think characters and the party will be as customizable as the rest of the series, or do you think even if we do see one we'd be more likely to be setup for disappointment?

Square-Enix does have Matsuno working for them still, and he was the main person involved in creating Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre, so if another is released, Squaresoft better leave it in his hands rather than push the titles off on someone else who knows nothing of them.

-andrew- -kupomogli-


It doesn't seem extremely likely at the moment, but there's still a chance that we could yet receive another game in Tactics Ogre/Ogre Battle series. The chances of it not being a major disappointment depends on how hyped up the release is, how they alter the series to try to work in today's market, and, of course, if they succeed in this and make it work beautifully or fail and kill the spirit of the original series.

We are...*men* *of* *the sea!*

All right, you Men of the Sea, you...

A few of my more Japanese-savvy friends have managed to secure their hands on imports of the new tactics-based RPG Namco x Capcom, and it looks absolutely amazing. Like, FFT-good. And with a lot more characters. Do you know if the two companies have any plans of bringing the titles overseas so that we can all revel in the light, or is it doomed to Japan-only obscurity? Any opinions of the game itself?



We have been fortunate enough to get a lot of capcom vs *other company* games, but most of them have been fighting games so far. It's definite fan bait, and those are always sure to sell copies no matter how good or bad the game is, but some of the games it's based on were Japan-only, so it loses a lot of its power. I'd say there's a pretty good chance it will come here, especially because we're finally receiving more obscure titles such as Atelier Iris, but there's still a chance that it won't. I'd say, maybe 60/40 or 70/30.

Hype...the death of many mediocre games...

I have the question to end all questions.

Why did Fable suck so bad? My hopes where set so high, but only to be torn down by the most linear game I have ever played.


Well, I think you just answered your own question. When games are seriously over-hyped and then don't live up, someone caught up in the hype is almost guaranteed to be disappointed a lot more than if the game hadn't been. They might even feel betrayed or something similar.

More FFT

Hey, don't know who'll get this one, but talking about FFT and FFTA. While I seem to gather that a lot of people liked FFTA, I disliked it immensely, I thought the story was bad and the class system was terrible. I would love to see a sequel more like the original FFT, loved that game. I think NIS has a well-deserved place on the TRPG market, they write good stories and don't always follow the latest trend in the market.


Yeah, I felt FFTA was seriously dumbed down, especially the AI.

One thing I've noted Squeenix hasn't lost is their silence about what's going on when things seem to go wrong. FF12 is just taking plain too long. I heard once that they plan to stop the Final Fantasy series somewhere around 13, what are your thoughts on that? Just a rumour, or slight possibility since they seem to be losing ground? D'you think that Squeenix's lack of information could be contributing to their decline as well?


I'm sure that's just a rumor. There have been rumors about the final Final Fantasy for years. I remember when people though IX was the last one, then when X was supposed to be the last one after XI was announced as a MMORPG. This kind of thing happens too often to give it any merit just yet. To answer your other question, yes, they definitely seem to be losing some ground. I'm not so sure their lack of information is the problem though, especially because its not coming out for a long time.

Finally, what do you think of the Dragon Quests? I liked 1-4, but have never played any others and have wondered if the series is worth picking up again.

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Sadly, I've only beaten I-III and played through Disc 1 of VII, so I don't know much more than you. VII is very oldschool, but it looks like VIII is taking a slightly different approach. As far as my opinion of the series is concerned, I liked III the best, but didn't like the rest quite as much.


Okay, NOW my extended period as guest host has now officially ended. Like I said earlier, Castomel will be here tomorrow and I'll be returning to my usual duties as Points of View curator. I'll see you later.
Roku wonders what happened to Google...

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