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Running Out of Catchy Titles June 21st, 2005

Roku - 12:48 PST

I've never been very good at thinking up titles or writing blurbs. Oh well. You've probably noticed by now, but Google is still missing in action somewhere, so I'm filling in again. I'm not sure if I'll be here again tomorrow, but Castomel *should* be here at his regularly scheduled time either way. Letter time!

The first question way easy at least...

Roku-san or other honorable answerer,

It's Kirby Canvas Curse. ^_^ I bought it. It rocks. You asked for questions. I have a couple. Ready?


I recently saw something in a magazine I subscribe to that mentioned some games for the XBOX 360, two of which are from the company that the founder of Final Fantasy started. (Can't really recall the name of said company offhand, and my roomate pilfered the periodical, blast him.) It was kind of a shock. Can you tell me the name of the company I'm thinking of?


I believe you're talking about Mistwalker.

Last question. Would it not be awesome to play a Zelda turn based RPG? Huh?!


That would certainly mix things up. Yeah, one of those would probably be fun to play.

Real last question. Can I get a tilde for using the word pilfer? C'mon. How often do you hear someone say "pilfer" nowadays?! You're doin' a great job, Roku. Hang in there, man.



Actually, you'd be surprised how much I've heard that word this month alone. As such, I cannot bestow a tilde upon your for that. Sorry.

I'm probably going to get a lot of feedback on this...

With the release date of final fantasy XII unknown (possibly) do you think it will be a success or do you think the final fantasy reign will finnaly come to an end?


To be perfectly honest with you, I think its undisputed reign has, to a degree, already begun to diminish. Sure, it's still a major influence here, but it's certainly not as much of an end-all anymore. I mean, it's been three and a half years since the last main series Final Fantasy game. Sure they had FFXI and FFX-2, but XI is a MMORPG and X-2 was really more of a spinoff that had more sidequests than actual game. Oh, they had FF Tactics Advance too, but that was nothing in comparison to the original, imho. This break has given a lot of time for other series such as Koudelka/Shadow Hearts to expand their influence here and win large fanbases. Like I said earlier, FF is still a very large name in the market, but there are other big names too now. FFXII will probably still do quite well for itself, but the longer they wait, the more influence they will lose. They'll probably get a lot back if FFXII is awesome though.

Speaking of FFT(A)

Hey Six, how goes it? Stupid question - does Squeenix have any plans to do a beefy next-gen sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics? I only ask because it's my favorite Tactical RPG (I haven't played many), it still blows Disgaea and Phantom Brave out of the water, and it's nearly FIVE years old!

Agreed. Sadly, if they do plan on making another one, they're being very secretive about it. Looks like FFTA is all we're going to get for now...

When is Squeenix going to figure out everyone's going nuts over NIS, their FFT and FFTA are uber-successful, and that the world will not rest until we get another Tactics of our very own?

Word to your mother,
Demandred Shedohen


As I mentioned in the previous letter, they're beginning to lose their iron-grip on the North American market (Dragon Quest is bigger in Japan). I don't know why they haven't realized this, (or maybe they have what with all of the FFVII sequels) but another real FFT would be awesome and probably help re-strengthen their grip.

Hooked on phonics

Was wondering if you knew of any web sites that told how to pronounce RPG names such as Names, towns etc. If not here are a few that I've been unsure of all my life
  • Hyrule
  • Zidane
  • Tifa
  • Locke
  • Narshe
  • Thanks for your time and by the way keep up the good work you're a lot more interesting than Google ever was.


    Argh, this question is difficult for me to answer. Yes, I do know how to pronounce those thanks to the phonetic magic of katakana, and you can easily find katakana for them on Japanese fansites, but I don't know any English ones and have no way of telling you how to pronounce them here, since I lack the knowledge of English dictionary this-is-how-you-pronounce-it writing. Perhaps one of our other readers will be kind enough to send us some of those crazy dictionary symbols or phonetic FF websites.

    Every time they decide not to bring over a game, I become sad Roku

    Hello, Alessandro from Italy here

    I just wish to know why Namco has no intention of bringing this title to an understandable language

    But, mostly, WHYYY????

    Do you know something about??

    Thanks and sorry for my english monstrousities



    The most convincing reason I've heard is that Tales of Rebirth uses 2D graphics while Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Legendia use 3D. This doesn't seem like a very good reason to me, especially because graphics are pretty much the last thing I care about as long as I can tell what's going on, but it's still the best one I've heard. Not much we can do about it though.

    C L O S I N G

    Once again, the fate of Q&A is shrouded in mystery again for tomorrow. My magic 8-Ball reveals nothing of use either. I does tell me to come back again later, but that could mean anything. Anyway, letting you select the topic seems to be working out pretty well, so keep those letters coming.
    Roku gets a 'try again later' this time.

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