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Me Again June 20th, 2005

Roku - 3:16 PST

Yes, yes, it's me again. It seems Google is still experiencing technical difficulties or something, so you're stuck with me again it seems. Well, let's get to those letters, shall we?

I want to go on a vacation too...

Anyone know what happened to [Magical Vacation] for the GBA? It was one of the reasons I got it, and then it disappeared. Thanks for the help.


That's actually a very good question since it was announced for localization a few years ago. The last thing I heard was that Nintendo was publishing it along with a few other titles North America missed out on such as Fire Emblem. There aren't any traces of it anywhere, so I suppose it was discretely canceled at some point. At least we got Fire Emblem though.

But then how could they make money off the remakes?

Hi roku! i was wondering if you could go to Kanto or Johto in Pokemon Emerald?


Sorry, but you can't visit those areas. Emerald mainly focuses on the Battle Frontier as its bonus area. Besides, if they allowed you to visit those places there would be less of a reason to get Green Leaf/Fire Red. If you want those Pokemon, you're going to have to trade or get a copy of that one too. Or both of them actually. Clever marketing scheme.

Well now, here's a really weird one

You wanted letters, heres 229 for you

Is it possiple to become really cool just by playing RPGs?

Well, in certain circles playing a lot of RPGs will make you really cool, but sadly it doesn't really carry over to the majority of society. In fact, it tends to have the opposite effect usually. Well, unless you have an actual job in the industry. In cases like that, more people will consider you cool and/or lucky than nerdy...usually.

Do RPG players get all the hot chicks?


Not really, but you certainly won't if you refer to women that way. Show some respect.

And why do RPG charecters have such huge heads, and yet they get all the hot chicks... are huge heads just really really cool?

From: Ronald Regan


Large heads aren't cool either, but in those games pretty much everyone has large heads, so I guess it's the norm.

Bust-ed and other bad puns!


My two passions are video games and comics. I have been thinking about the similarities of both industries lately. Back in the 90s the comic industry got very big. Image was formed and we saw a shift away from good stories to flashy art. By the end of the 90s the bubble burst and the industry fell on some very hard times. Marvel comics actually filed for bankruptcy. The industry survived because of a shift to writing before art. This has brought people back to reading comics over just collecting them because they might be worth something one day.

I think this might be where the gaming industry is headed. With all the new systems focusing on all the graphical bells and whistles while story and innovation seems to be an after thought.

So now the question I pose is. Do you think the gaming industry is headed for a bust? With games going up in price and every game seems to just try to do what another game did. How many times have we heard a game referred to as "The Halo killer"?



Three times, I think. Anyway, no, I don't think the game industry is headed for a bust just yet. There are still some pretty good games coming out, some of which are pretty innovative. You're talking about the entire game industry it seems, so I'll step away from RPGs for a moment to mention such games as Katamari Damacy and that new kirby rainbow game that I can't remember the name of. The DS is sure to result in all kinds of weird stuff. Also, games aren't really going up in price unless you're going for special editions or something. Most console games are still $50 or less. Sure that's more than PS1 games were, but most N64 games cost that much.

The last ques- hey, you didn't even ask one!

To quote Elranzer " Honestly, I think it's that the newbies who started with FF7 are still sore that FF8 wasn't a direct sequel, and it still leaves a bad tatse in their mouths."

(Spoiler FF I would have to disagree. I was with FF1 on the old Nintendo when I started on them, and FF8 is the only one I have never went back and played more than once. My key gripes with it were the lack of characterzation past Squall, even Rinoa seemed like a flat character to me. I hated that you had no armor system at all. Drawing magic was a terrible idea. I liked Blue magic from the other games(and Strago) but a WHOLE system based on it, ick. I hated that the 4th disc cut you out of almost all the cities, forcing you to either level or finish the game. I hated the idea that you got 100 mega-elixirs by trading in your bahamut card. Mainly though, it was the cop out story turn. The one where they ALL grew up together in the same orphanage, but because the GF's suck your mind, they all forgot... oh but feel free to continue using the hell out of them.

They might have got a heartwarming story somewhere in there, but anyone that ever says the story was one of the best obviously overlooks this part of it.


To answer your question...hey, you didn't ask one! That pretty much sums up a number of reasons why I didn't like FFVIII as much as the others though, so I'll let you off the hook this time. A nice try on Square's part, but a failed one in my humble opinion.


I don't know how long Google will be out for, so I don't know if I'll see you tomorrow or not. We seem to be running low on letters though, so send some in ^^. I won't bite. I guess you can either select the topic or go with a topic Google chose before he vanished.
Roku wonders what the next day will bring.

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