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...Or Not June 19th, 2005

Roku - 7:48 PST

Well, looks like I'm not gone just yet after all. It seems mysterious circumstances have prevented Google from doing his column today, so I'll be filling in again. I don't know how long I'll be here though. I just hope whatever is taking out Q&A hosts this week doesn't target Q&A guest hosts too...though I guess I have saved the world over a hundred times and have little to fear. I wasn't given much notice, so sorry if this is a tad brief. Anyway, letter time.


Sup Q&A guru?

i got a quick question well several. whats your opinion on this breath of fire III psp remake?


Well, I'm apparently one of the few people who liked Breath of Fire III, so it looks pretty good from what I've seen. I don't need another copy of it though, so I won't be picking it up.

do you think we will see IV or V remade for the psp as well?


It's quite possible that IV will make it over since I-III have been or are being remade on various handhelds, but I don't know is the PSP is powerful enough to support V.

do you think capcom will make the first 2 breath of fires for the PSP?


Probably not since they already released them for the GBA, but you never know...

not that i dont like remakes i do think capcom is the king or ports or remakes. look how many street fighter and mega man games they did as well as final fight series.

anyways thats my thoughts.

i would like to see a new breath of fire being worked on.

the psp is a ok system but the problom is with the screen to many dead pixals.

a new breath of fire on the PS2 or PS3 would roock. i guess capcom has no new inovations to go far.

as for my thoughts on remakes and ports on the PSP from square-enix. i think square-enix knows the psp has probloms and is reluctant to give classic snes games or psone games to the psp.

my other thought is the psp is dead. lets see good games for the ps2 or ps3

and last but not least my question to you on final fantasy III

the Ds remake wasnt shown at E3 was it canned?




Little was said about Final Fantasy 12 either according to the staff members that were able to go, so I'm not too worried about it being canceled just yet. I certainly hope that comes here though.

Anime? Eh, why not...

Hey Roku,

Wondering if you'll let me be the review curiator. I haven't did it at all before, but hey, I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Kidding.


Hmm, you'd better be kidding ^^. I don't plan on giving that up any time soon.

Anyways, not talking about RPG's right now, even though this is an RPG site. But do you like any type of anime? If so what are your favorite series'? Also any American animated series you like alot(not that many good ones, but I like Spawn and Garfield.)


Sure, I like lots of Anime series. I've even been to Anime conventions a few times. I prefer comedies, but other stuff is good too so long as it isn't too serious. Unfortunately, I'm poor and can't afford any of the more recent ones, so my knowledge is pretty outdated. I don't really have a favorite series, but I should probably list something. Hmm. I learned a lot of kanji by working through chapters of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, so I guess I'll go with that. As far as American cartoons go, I pretty much watch whatever I feel like at the moment. I'm going to have to go with The Simpsons for that.

Also, Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam(AEUG vs. Titans Deluxe basically, which is also not an RPG) is coming out soon, it's release date is the 28th, but it'll be out the 29th. I don't know if you've ever seen it or what, but it's an upgrade of Federation vs. Zeon with 31 extra mobile suits(the FvZ mobile suits can be unlocked by completing the game) and 25 different battlefields. It'll be just like FvZ but better, and it's only 39.99, so it's going to be an awesome game(and FvZ was the top(or one of the top) selling Japanese video game titles ever. You should read up on the game though, if you already know about it, you going to get it, or what do you think of it? I'd recommend the game to anyone since I already know what it's gameplay will be like.

-andrew- -kupomogli-


I have no idea what any of that means, but I'll take your word for it and give it a look when I get some free time.

History lesson

Shadow Hearts: Covenant has been a topic of much discussion lately and I thought I'd add something in and ask a question. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, I think it's the best RPG to come out in the PS2-era. It has a definite feel that, for some reason, makes me nostalgic for FFVI. I think that has to do with the dark, industrial setting and the quirky cast. The seamlessly interwoven serious storyline and then all of the off-beat humor. And, of course, I believe the development team was partially made from former Square employees of the mid-90s era.

One of the things I really appreciate - about SH:C and SH - is the way they're set in the modern world and use the history of the temporal setting to back the plot and make it more interesting. As someone with an interest in Russian history, I really enjoyed the influence it played in SH:C (I won't name anything, for the sake of spoilers). Sure, they took some liberties, but hey, the villain WAS a pretty enigmatic guy, even in real historical accounts. And, it is a video game in a "fairy modern real world setting", as you said, Goog.

Anyway, now that you've read all that, I have a question - can you think of any other games that use the real world setting and weave historical elements into the game? I can't think of much off the top of my head beyond the SH series and the MegaTen games, but maybe I'm missing a few.


The closest thing I can think of off-hand aside from those you mentioned is Front Mission. That takes place in the real world with semi-realistic future politics and that kind of thing. I can't remember if it references events that happened in previous World Wars etc. or not though.


To whoever gets this, Seeing that you need letters, I have decided to send one. WHat have you heard about that strategy rpg for the psp by NIS?

ANd what are your thougts on the new handhelds in general?

-May all your devils cry


I believe you are speaking of Generation of Chaos. Everything we know about it is here. Anyway, new handhelds, eh? The PSP is a bit too expensive (and apparently has a few too many common problems) for my taste, but the DS looks interesting. I'm sure they'll make some kinds of crazy games for it. The Gameboy Micro, however, actually seems like a step down from the GBA SP, even if it costs less.

The truth is out there...

Hi hi,

I feel the need to further elaborate on why no one has heard anything about Dark Cloud 3, it's progress, and whatever. Level 5 was working on Dragon Quest, and is probably collaborating on the changes for the American version right now. People also forget that Dark Cloud 3 was probably on the backburner for True Fantasy Live Online, which likely ate up most of the developers time for a long time before Microsoft dropped the project. I'm guessing that Level 5 is back working on Dark Cloud now, the only question at this point is, what system is it going to be for? PS2, PSP, or PS3?

I personally hope for PS3. I loved Dark Cloud 2 to death, sunk 85 hours into it.

Now, for a question. What do you think the PS3's first RPG will be? Or rather, which publisher do you think will make it?



Thanks for clearing that up. As for your question, Sony will most likely be the first to publish a game for their system, but you never know. Actually, a more likely scenario is that they will have multiple games from multiple publishers come out all at once upon release.


Well, that's it for this bonus guest-hosting day. I may or may not be here tomorrow too, but be sure to send some letters either way. See you later.
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