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Goodbye June 18th, 2005

Roku - 9:00 PST

Hello again for the last time. Yup, today is my last day as guest host. I've tried to include as many letters as possible. Anyway, a shorter introduction means more time for the letters, so let's get right to it again, shall we?

Teh Fear of Childish?

Hello Roku (or I missed on the person? )

Simply wanted to point out one Russian developer who some how became specialists in entire sort of RPG\Tactic for PC thing.

If You have spare Time visit and give some opinions.

And for the question: What are your thoughts on Teh Fear of Childish? Some people would never touch game like Pokemon or Digimon despite the fact that games Are worth to play. Is this an issue for Gamers who are past thier 18?

Aivaras Danilkevicius


Well, that depends really. I've noticed that it tends to effect casual gamers a lot, but it's not such an issue with serious gamers. I don't hesitate at all when I pick up, say, a Pokemon title because I know that the battle system is awesome, but I know plenty of people who avoid them. A few gamers even hide the fact that they're playing these titles when not in the presence of others doing the same. I guess that's better than flat out ignoring a good game simply because it's "kiddy" though.

Biggs, Wedge, draw that surface fire away from me!

Any FF fan knows that the two names, Biggs and Wedge, can be found in many of the different incarnations of the series. Where did the names come from?

I only ask b/c I was recently re-watching the original star wars, and noticed that two of Luke Skywalker's copilots are none other than Biggs and Wedge. Any connection? Do those names appear in the Japanese versions? Or only in the translated ones?

an RPGfan


I'm a little rusty of my FF trivia, but I believe they are indeed a running joke dealing with Star Wars. I think these names appear in the Japanese versions despite my inability to locate and purchase any that I wanted. The reason I think this is the case is because the two are named Vicks and Wedge in FF3us and Vicks is a somewhat reasonable translation of Biggs. Well, it is considering the Phoenix->Fenix Down and Ultima->Atma Weapons anyway. If I remember correctly, they were named Biggs and Wedge in the PS1 remake, so it's pretty clear that Vicks isn't just another random person either. Thus my conclusion that they were named Biggs and Wedge in the Japanese versions too.

Another plot and the PS3

roku buddy,

now that was a very good idea andrew came up with. i sorta of did that but not in such large scale with final fantasy tactics. just 2 copies. anyways. i am one of those desperate people who would overpay for a mint condition no greatest hits copy of a game that is hard to find. say all shin megami tensei games. here's a question. question and a comment really. totally random. now i believe the PLAYSTATION 3 will dominate all in the next console war. and if you read this little article translated from famitsu it seems that most japanese developer's would agree with me.

they all said that the ps3 was truely the most powerful. ken kuturagi has already stated that all the tech demos were done by the processing power of the cell (that it didn't need a video card to produce them). not just some stand alone hi end pc making the demos. all they had to say about the revolution was the same that's been said for every console nintendo has made. that nintendo is moving in a different direction from sony and microsoft. basically kiddy games but real easy to pick up and play. still enjoy nintendo just not as much as playstation. and the only things that they had to say about microsoft was that the 360 would have good networking capabilities and solid graphics.

for sony to destroy all and still have a 6 to 1 owner ratio over xbox. all they need to do is nail the online thing. the best thing i've heard about sony's next machine came from the mouth of hideo kojima. argueably the greatest developer in history.

"As a developer, I see the three consoles as different kinds of meals," said Kojima. "The PlayStation 3 is a sumptuous feast for special occasions; the Xbox 360 is a fine Sunday dinner; and the Revolution is a rich, home-cooked supper."

well anyways. i have more to say on why sony will destroy all and how most of the best games are on the playstation and what not, but i think i'm done here. what do you think. there. there's my question. plain and simple.

ps. roku you rocku. way better than andrew. i hate him. j/k. i love you andrew. in ways words can't describe. ha



Well, the price of the consoles is also something to take into account, especially since the PS3 is currently the one with the highest estimated cost. It also depends on the games they manage to get lined up for it. History has shown us that simply because a console is the most powerful, doesn't mean it will end up as the best. It certainly looks good, but it's too soon to call it in my humble opinion.

Thumbnails are...ok I've got nothin'

Hi Roku

Let me just say that I think you're doing a great job filling in. Anyway, I have a question. I remember that whenever RPGamer did a media update for a game with screenshots or artwork, they would write a caption that applies to the screenshot or artwork, and it was often funny. But I noticed you stopped doing that since E3 2005. Any idea when, or if, we could see those captions again?



The change was made since thumbnails look better and give a better idea of what to expect when the full image is viewed. Reviews and the like will still have funny screen captions, but it doesn't look like individual game pages ever will again at this point.

Numbered lists ARE fun!

Hello. Numbered lists are fun. Everybody likes those.

1. Do you like or dislike Working Designs style when it comes to translating the Lunar games? Some people have a problem with the liberty they take and their style of humor... not me, but apparently there are those who don't like it.


I believe they just change what a few random NPCs say and it hasn't seemed to really get in the way of anything major so far, so it doesn't really bother me. If they were all bad jokes or something it'd be one thing, but the ones I know of have been pretty interesting and/or funny.

2. Have you heard anything about the future of Ogre Battle series? I don't know of any new games in the series being in development or even being considered... I certinaly hope I'm wrong.


I'm afraid I've heard very little about the series over the last few years. It'd be a shame if they ended it just like that, but I can't blame them for trying new things either.

3. What's your favorite RPG series?


Every RPG series from Alundra to Zelda has had at least one game that has let me down at some point, so I'm not really a fan of any particular series anymore, just individual games in them. Being a fanboy of a particular series would also be bad for me because I'm a game reviewer, so it all works out pretty well in the end.

4. What's your favorite RPG that you find that hardly anyone likes?



I'm sure there are a few, but Breath of Fire III comes to mind. A lot of people I've talked to about that one absolutely hated that, but I thought it was pretty good aside from the endless desert thing.

Looks like I have time for just one more...

Hi QnA Person Roku,

Just a couple of questions for you to answer. I know that you are one of the Rpgamer staff reviewers, and I was wondering how do I become a reader reviewer? I sent an e-mail a long time ago asking how to become one, but I think it got lost in e-mail limbo, so where do I go to submit reader reviews?


Everything you need is linked to in our weekly updates, but I'll link some things here too for convenience. This is the submissions guide that should tell you what you need to know. Make sure you read it and the FAQs so that we won't have to reject your review(s) on a technicality. All the templates you need are near the bottom of the page, as is the e-mail link.

I also need your RPG expertise on a problem I'm having. Right now, I'm playing Golden Sun 2 after playing the original and passwording it over to the new one, and I got Atelier Iris reserved and prepayed to keep me busy after GS. However, in reserving it, I'm now in debt, and I plan to sell a couple of recently acquired RPGs to FYE soon to pay it off. They're Stella Deus (gotten from an Atlus kick after nearly finishing Digital Devil Saga) and Legend of Mana (gotten hopefully to relive the Sword of Mana experience from the SNES days), but I only played a few hours into each one and already I hate them. However, before I pawn them off to pay my debt, I was wondering if there was anything worthwhile in them later on in the games to make me change my mind about them. So, what's your input on them?

That's all for now, and uh why do I feel like Tom Peters talking to the Mayor while I write this?



I'm afraid I've had limited experience with Legend of Mana and no experience with Stella Deus, but if you hate them then they're probably not for you either way. I can, however, say that I had a lot of fun playing Atelier Iris, so you're likely making a very good trade.


Well, this is where my guest hosting period ends. Time for me to return to my regularly schedules duties as Points of View curator/game reviewer/OmniArt 2005 judge. I had fun and I hope you did too. Maybe I'll be back someday. Who knows? At least I got some tildes as souvenirs. I'll see you around.
Roku wanders off into the sunset.

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