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Best Title Ever June 17th, 2005

Roku - 9:04 PST

Hello again. In case you missed yesterday's column, my name's Roku and I'm filling in for Castomel this week. I'm not one for needlessly extensive introductions or conclusions, so let's skip right to the good part, shall we?

Possible reason for the delay?

Hey Roku,

One main reason, I've heard, that Wild ARMs Alter Code F has been delayed is because Agetec, responsible for localizing it instead of Sony, has been waiting for a time "when there's no competition". Last thing I saw over EBgames, the game has been pushed back to October. Another possible reason is the translation name changes; I read over the GameFAQs forums about outcries from fans of the original about "Zed" being changed to "Jet", being changed back to "Zed," and so forth, and that could be a possibility, as well. Anyway, I'm definitely picking it up when it (eventually) comes out, but if I see one typo in the game, given all these delays, I'm gonna flip. It'd suck if it got cancelled outright.

Your Review Buddy,
Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland


If they are indeed waiting for a lack of competition, it may be ages before it actually comes out. While I wasn't a major fan of the original, I'd still very much like to play the remake. Like you said, it'd be a shame if it gets canceled, but it seems like they've put a lot of effort into it already so hopefully that won't happen.

Wild ARMs is a popular subject today...

Yeah, I think that the PS3 controller will possibly win with the worst controller design ever, and doesn't even look like it would be comftorable or easy to use.

I actually had a third party PS1 controller of similar design for about a year, and I can safely say that you're right: it isn't very comfortable or easy to use. This is especially true when compared to the design of the PS2 controller.

Anyways, the thing about the original Wild ARMs, is that you could never "max out the stats" to Rudy's guns. You could change all the amounts, a set number of times, but never make each weapon as strong as you'd like. I thought that the second and third games had a better upgrade system, how you can raise any stat you want, but only a number of times. It made it so you were forced to give one thing up for another, and made the Lock-On ability alot more worth it if you ever went for full-power weapons.

*Wild ARMs spoilers follow*

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but there is one battle of Wild ARMs Alter Code F which has Emma and Calamity Jane fighting with Rudy, and instead of having multiple guns, he uses a single gun as a weapon like in Wild ARMs 3, and has different cartridges for it as abilities(like Wild ARMs 2.) Emma is a secret character who uses enemy original abilities(all of them.) The thing about Emma though, is if you look at the movie(translated in English) you'll see that when she uses download it says "downloads (enemy) from (ability)" twice, because she gets two abilities. I really hope they fixed that, because the game is supposed to be out soon. If not, it won't make the game any worse, but it'll have some bad translation.

Also, you know how you think the game will be too easy because of all the secret characters. The thing is, you don't get any other characters except for Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia until you get to Ka Dingel(which is the very last dungeon.) So the secret characters won't make the game easier, and I've also read that the characters are Calamity Jane, her Butler, Emma, and the one ship Captain(all of which was already told.) I thought that Boomerang might have became a secret character, but there is one enemy who did, that being Zed, the Demon who falls in love with the blind woman at the end of the original. Anyways, so what do you think. You'll get all the other allies only at the end of the game, so it's not ruining the gameplay, and still adding extra stuff.

-andrew- -kupomogli-


Well, they keep delaying it, so hopefully they'll have a pretty spotless localization job. Anyway, assuming you're right, that shouldn't really get in the way of the original party's dynamics. I don't see any real problems if they do it that way.

More PS2 game suggestions

Heyya Roku,
I'd just like to suggest a couple of RPGs already released on PS2 that Mr. My first letter! could check out. Star Oceans 2 has great battle system, follows many RPG standards and takes pretty long to beat. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne was also tons of fun, it uses a pretty original character system wherein you can create your own devils/demons by mixing your current ones together... every devil/demon you fight ingame can be created to fight for you! It was also pretty tough at times..

Just my 2 cents..


Yup, those are pretty popular choices too. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne is rated Mature, if that effects your decision at all.

Several questions and a backstory

Well, first of all, congrats on your first Q&A Roku. While not as steeped with as much sarcasm and dry wit as normal, I still liked it quite a bit.

Second, I don't think some of your readers should complain about games coming out at $60. Games come out here at upwards of $85 if they're good.


Actually, most games are only $50+tax. Additionally, there are several companies to rent games from. It took a few hours of searching on my part, but I found a place that has a decent selection of games and saves me a ton of money on new releases.

Okay, now onto the giant back story of my first question. Upon waking up several times one night, I came to the conclusion that I was sick. Anyways, this meant no PS2 (even though its like, 10 feet away from my bed) and no computer (meaning no or internet for about three days) thus leaving me with one electronic option: my GBA. While taking a stroll down memory lane was rather fun for some of the games, I found myself with an issue: no real challenge left, thus bringing me to my first question: What games do you play when you are under the weather and restricted to your handheld?


My room is organized so that my bed is within three feet of my consoles, so I tend to play whatever I feel like when I'm sick. Even limiting it to just the GBA, I always try to keep one or two games that I haven't beaten around. Should those fail, Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls is good if I'm in the mood for nostalgia, which, luckily, is usually what I'm in the mood for when sick. I also have a few versions of Pokemon should I need to kill a lot of time or hone my skills.

And now for some more questions in my brain for you to divulge upon:

Upon having to close a bank account (since it was doing naught but chew up my money in fees, boo banks) and repaying my mother several debts, I find myself with about 78 bucks. Any suggestions about a game I could get?


Well, I don't really know what you like or what you've already played, but I suggest you try to get some long, used games if that's all the gaming money you have. Xenogears, Tales of Symphonia, and Skies of Arcadia Legends are a few good games that I've seen under $20 that can probably keep you busy for 50+ hours each. If all else fails, older versions of Pokemon are pretty cheap and you can easily spend 100+ hours creating the perfect party.

In your opinion, what is the best TRPG ever? That is, it you like them...

Well, that seems to be all I can write about right now.


Peter 'fetch me my pokin' stick, boy!' Brennan.


There are a lot that I haven't played, but my favorite so far is FF Tactics. The battle system, AI, and story are all good in that one, plus it isn't mindlessly easy most of the time. The localization is pretty bad though.

Dark Cloud in a nutshell

(HTML formatted because I think you guys want 'em that way.)
This leads me to believe that it was either delayed or canceled, but, since the first two were so popular, it was probably just delayed. I can only hope that this delay is due to the fact that they have come to their senses and decided to do away with random dungeons, but I honestly have no idea.

I suspect Level 5 put it on the back burner to work on Dragon Quest VIII, which is going to eventually come out over here — huzzah! That said, I thought Dark Cloud was a dungeon crawler. The georama system looked nifty, there are an awful lot of side games to keep the player entertained, but core of it, the thing you spend most of your time doing, is fighting through all the randomly generated dungeons.



Well, that wasn't necessary, but you saved me some time so I'm certainly not complaining. Anyway, I'd choose Dragon Quest over Dark Cloud any day of the week if I were them too, so that's plausible I suppose. You'd think that we would have heard something about Dark Cloud 3 now that Dragon Quest VIII has been out in Japan for so long though, if your theory is correct.


Wow, lots of people voicing their opinion without asking very many questions today. It's a good thing one of the later letters had multiple questions in it. Anyway, I guess I'll let you select the topic again for tomorrow. I'll see you then.
Roku wanders off.

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