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Fresh Start January 1st, 2007

Roku - 13:47 PST

Wow, it's certainly been a while, hasn't it? Both since I last hosted and the last column that was posted. Rhyme not intentional. Anyway, today I shall rectify this!


A lot of people are complaining that Zelda: Twilight Princess has bad graphics and bad sound/music quality. I think that those people are ungrateful idiots!! What LOZ:TP lacks in graphic and sound quality, it makes up for in gameplay!! Also, people should remember that it was an originally a Game Cube game and was only adapted for Wii at the last moment!! What do you think about all the complainers?


Though I haven't had any luck in finding a Wii yet, I agree with you in principle. I strongly believe that no matter how beautifully or aurally pleasing a game is, they are no substitute for gameplay. Since we are talking about games as the medium here, the gameplay is obviously going to be the most important factor. This isn't to say that lovely aesthetics aren't nice to have, and don't, if done very well, enhance the game experience, but they can't make the game on their own. Anyway, regarding LoZ: TP specifically, I agree that people should keep in mind that it was originally for the GC. It's still a legitimate complaint that it may not look or sound as good as game X or Y, but I disagree strongly if they take that one step further and say the game is bad as a result.

Wii Browser

hi to whoever's hosting today

happily, i was able to secure a wii on the day of release here in the uk, and i have to say im pretty well pleased with it. but the most exciting thing is that i can surf the web, which includes sending e-mails , like this one!!!!!

Have A Merry Christmas!

Genjuu wiishes for lots of new rpgs to come


Lucky! I can't find a Wii anywhere, but I digress. I think it's pretty cool that you can do all of that from your Wii. At first, I didn't see much use for it other than it being a neat add-on, but now I can see a good deal of potential for it. It would be especially neat if you can get IRC or something along those lines running on it. Anyway, yeah, being able to check the internet while the PC is in use is a pretty neat feature. The FFT remake for the PSP is kind of tempting me to get one, but I probably still won't for a while, if ever, so the Wii is the best option for me as far as Internet surfing goes.

~He's Making a List~

To whomever it may concern.

In response to Macstorms questions my answers are as follows;

What games I want for Christmas: FF 12
What is my biggest RPG Acomplishment: Beating 3 RPG's in succesion (I have big problems finishing games).
What surprises are you wishing for in 2007? More RPG's and a SE RPG that doesn't comtain Final, Dragon or Star in it! Or a sequal to Terranigma.
What older title would you like to see remade in 2007? Terranigma

Oh and JuMeSyn, I actually liked the orriginal Bubsy (I never saw any of the advertising for it when I got it), espescially the music (Lumberjack song anyone?). I did play Bubsy 2, it also deserved to go the way of E.T.!

All Bainick wants for Christmas is D&D!


I, too, would like to see some more games other than Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, though I would like to see some more of the Dragon Quest spinoffs or some nifty ports of unreleased DQ games. This isn't to say that I wouldn't like to see more new Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest games too, just that I'd like to see them spread out more as well. As far as Star goes, I haven't seen a whole lot of those, unless I'm completely forgetting something obvious, so I wouldn't mind seeing another one of those. Especially if it's Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 2 or if they bring over Star Ocean: Blue Sphere or something.

I do have some bad news for you as well, though. Enix was primarily or entirely a publisher before the merger with Square. Quintet, a company that seems to have given up on making video games these days, made Terranigma. As such, it's unlikely that we'll get another one. If you haven't done so yet, I suggest playing the other related games: Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia. That said, I'd love to see it on Virtual Console, should I ever find a Wii and they attain the license to put it there.

Alas, My Weakness

Hello Random Host of the Day,

I'm listening to AOL Radio's Final Fantasy station now as I'm writing this, and it has me thinking about wanting to buy one of the OST's of one of the Final Fantasies. I don't know which one to get first, though, since I don't own any video game soundtracks and this would be my first purchase of one. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to hunt down cheap deals on OST's like JuMeSyn. Instead, my question for the column is which OST out of the entire FF series would you recommend I get first since I never got one before?

Hope this helps the column,


Soundtracks are definitely my weakness as far as knowledge goes, but luckily we're talking about both a series that I'm familiar with and the original sound tracks rather than those dozens of fancy special ones that vary from piano to whatever you would classify the Black Mages as. To answer your question, as much as I like some of the tracks from the earlier Final Fantasy games, you'd probably want something with really good sound quality, so I'm going to not even consider anything not on the PS1 or higher. Hmm, tough choice. I think I'm going to have to go with FF7 though. I get the feeling that Uematsu really had a lot of fun and put a lot of effort into that one after having to work with the limitations of the SNES and whatnot in the past, and it shows. There are just a lot of really great tracks there. Hope that helps ^^.

Game Plan

To whomever may answer this,

I just got FFXII, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Skies of Arcadia for Christmas. What order should I play them in? Or should I try alternating between them? I'm not a huge fan of that, because I tend to lose track of what's going on in one game while I play the other. So... auxilio, por favor!



Hmm, those are all medium to long games, so the time investment is going to be pretty large if you're playing them one at a time. I think the most logical order would be Skies of Arcadia, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and then FFXII. Skies of Arcadia is pretty traditional. Zelda: Twilight Princess will give you quite a workout if you're playing it for the Wii, though the action-oriented nature will be a nice break from the traditional gameplay in either case. Finally, FFXII returns to a less action-oriented setup, so you can recover from Zelda. As a logical bonus, if you played Zelda on the Wii and your arms are tired, FFXII's gambits will give you a lot of time to rest. You'll barely even have to use any buttons during battle, except when fighting bosses and whatnot.


Again, sorry for the delay there. Ailise will be answering the next set of questions on Wednesday, so be sure to send her lots of letters, though we still haven't quite caught up from this week's set of questions.
Roku wishes everyone a happy new year!

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I hope it's better than 2006...


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