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Seán - October 26 '02- 4:30 Pacific Standard Time

Today marks the return of a human Q&A host. I'm sure the return is more welcome to some of you than others, but in any case... I'm Seán Peters, and I run RPGamer's Editorials section and am one of the administrators of our Message Boards, which you may have seen more of lately.

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Starting off with the new one

Dear Green-skinned Sexy Pants, 1) Do you worship the monkey yet?

Of course. Imagine what would happen if I didn't! A single monkey is no threat, but thousands fight as one! Imagine thousands of tight, little monkey fists pounding upon your body!!!

2) why no eds update?

Low on submissions. I think I set a record for Q&A guest host, though -- Tonight I received 1/3rd as many editorial submissions as I was e-mailed letters for this column.

3) is chesh really dead? I heard something about the walrus...

Last I checked, walruses and cats aren't natural enemies, so I think he's safe for the time being. Probably just mixed up too potent a batch of chemicals in his lab, if you catch my drift.

4) If I told you I loved you, would you hold it against me?

Nah... and besides, didn't you say something about loaning me Kingdom Hearts after you finished? I could never scorn someone who proved their devotion to me in such a fashion.

5^5) have you tried Kingdom hearts yet?

I'll just let this be a test to see whether I've managed to put yon readership to sleep yet. All right, class, get your pencils out, and...

TRC- I am Love

He's love, folks. Do you want to make love sad? Write FAQs, Walkthroughs, specialized guides, et cetera, and submit them to our local bird-in-residence.

Begging friends to ask questions works great part 2

Why is it so darn hard to find stuff having to do with Wakka?

You know, I'm really not sure. Although he was a bit bumbling and... well... Yevon-centered, Wakka was one of my favorite characters in Final Fantasy X, and he certainly had the best voicing.

How do people capture screenshots from video games?

Personally, I hook up my game systems to the S-video in on the back of my video card, then use ASUS Digital VCR to watch what I'm doing and take screenshots.

Why does everyone on the board love me so much?

Lulu's Little Sister

Because you follow the rules. Everyone loves people who follow the rules.

And now, for reruns

Dear Sean,


SO, without further ado, on with the questions...

First, Thor answered a letter last week about games needing more basics for rare items and unique battle systems. Anyway, when he mentioned hidden character development, did he refer to developing the skills and magic a hidden character has or how the hidden character could develop the storyline in such a way that a hidden ending is revealed?

I haven't asked Thor about it, but if I had to guess, I'd say he meant fleshing out the hidden character's personality, motivations, and backstory.

Second, what's up with the letter titles themed around Scooby-Doo recently?

Again I'm reduced to guessing, but the recent release of a Scooby Doo movie combined with about 600 too many episodes per week on Cartoon Network might have something to do with it.

Third, even though the side story for Rikku is scrapped, will she still be a playable character in FFX-2?

Info on FFX-2 is still pretty limited (Although there's still a ridiculous amount of it considering it just got officially revealed), but I see no reason why Rikku wouldn't be playable -- I mean, she almost had her own game, I don't think they'd chop her down to nothing.

Fourth, are ARC THE LAD 4 and ARC THE LAD ONLINE two different titles or will they be consecutive sequels?

Personally, I haven't heard a thing about Arc the Lad Online, and just about as much on Arc the Lad 4.

Fifth, what is the history behind MEGAHal? That's a new name to me...
"MegaHAL is a 'conversation simulator': a computer program which responds in natural language to what you type, written by Jason Hutchens, who is now working with Artificial Intelligence on an exciting project to create 'true' AI. It is able to 'learn' what to say by observing the things which you write to it, and is therefore not limited to the English language."

Sixth, has anyone seen Calvin and Hobbes Resurrection? It's a very cool website...

I haven't, but I don't really speak for everybody, despite this being temporarily my column and all.

*snip* That is all, and goodnight.

Signed, Huge Dreamer

BTW, please let a human answer these questions instead of a computer program, all right?? Yesterday drove me crazy with no questions being answered.


More Reruns than Nick at Nite...

I'd like to note out that it took forever for chrono trigger(snes) to get a sequeal yet it took only a short amount of time for final fantasy 4(snes) to get a sequel. Why?? Chrono Trigger easily had the best graphics, and I know final fantasy 4 was better, but why?? Did Square focus on Final Fantasy too much?? Or is it some other reason??

Square put out an awful lot of games between 1995 and 1999, and quite a few of them don't have the words Final or Fantasy in the title. In fact, there were only two Final Fantasy titles (VII and VIII) released between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, while I can think of at least five other titles just off the top of my head. So no, they weren't focusing on Final Fantasy too much, but rather were probably enjoying their prosperity and decided to try a few new things.


MegaHAL pales in comparison to Eliza!

I'm rather fond of MegaHAL myself. Witness this amusing quote my friend's spit out the other night!
(Xerox): myew, Are you implying that I'm gay? That's a cheap shot.
(myew): Xerox: Gay gay gay.
I mean, he's unhappy that people imply that he's happy! Genius!

The Last Laugh:

Seán: Well, that was a rather fun fourth Q&A stint. The MegaHAL may have scared away everyone who intended to write new letters, but I got to print a few that it failed to answer relevantly yesterday -- An even trade, I'd say. Your host for tomorrow, as far as I know, should be Googleshng sans MegaHAL. In parting, I'd like to encourage you all to think of something about RPGs in general or a specific RPG which you like or dislike and write a short piece on it, then send it over to me at What better way do you have to have your opinions published where thousands of people can be influenced by them?

And I know this won't really make a lot of sense if you haven't been on the Message Forums for a while, but I just love the image... When your signature image exceeds RPGamer's rules, this man comes in to deliver a warning, and you don't want to ignore it...

Rico "Ate a half-gallon of strawberry ice cream during the writing of this column"

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