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As always, I'm going to be answering as many questions as possible in the column, and as many more via email, but I'll probably be answering a few fewer and hitting the delete button a little quicker while my computer time is significatly decreased (I injured my ankle a bit playing basketball yesterday, and am supposed to keep it elevated as much as possible, which is hard to do while sitting at my desk). But on with the show! Today, we'll start with a clarification on a question from yesterday.

Q: 1: Someone in the most recent column said there's a "lack of Cid in FF8"? C'mon, the demo's the most we've seen, isn't it a little early to be saying for sure whether or not there will be no Cid? Or did I miss some special report where Square announced they were tired of the name? I dunno, if Vicks/Biggs and Wedge are going to be in it, and Chocobos, it only stands to reason they'll have a Cid too.
2: My name's Andrea. So where do I apply to be RPGamer staff? ;) Actually, something I've been wondering for awhile - what *is* the male/female ratio of RPGamer staff members like? Just out of curiosity, I'm not looking for "affirmative action" or anything.

AK: 1) They put that in their letter and I meant to comment on it, but I forgot. Oops. Square has said nothing about whether or not there will be a Cid in FF8. I'd guess there will be. Early rumors had him as a trash-talking cyber-punk. I don't think that's true, either, but we'll have to see.
2) Ooh, a female. *puts on deodorant.* All joking aside, though, we're not looking for anyone for our staff right now. The male:female ratio is 6:1.

Q: I think the worst thing the people at Square thought of was the addition of last name to their characters. They never use it in their games. When Cloud dressed up like a girl, Aeris said Ms. Cloud. This would have been the perfect (and proper) time to use that last name. What was it again? Oh yeah, Strife.

AK: It's probably to add a touch of realism, but leave the variable of the person being whatever you name him/her. In other words, maybe they think you'd get upset if you named your Cloud "Jim" and you were called Ms. Strife rather than Ms. Jim. As I type that though, it really doesn't make that much sense. I don't know. That's just a guess.

Q: I was browsing through your website and was wondering a few things.
1. What happened to the plays section? Do you still play that much Mario Kart? What does Quinn Baker do now that you both are hooked on Mario Kart? How did it feel to become the beast of the 70's? How come BSM wasn't in the play? How come so many pics were excluded? What does AV do with the beam machine now?
2. Why is it that question 1 is so huge?
3. Is wise owl right? Are there really just 3 licks to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop? I have never tried licking, only sucking.
4. Do you think I'm insane?

AK: 1) That play is still around, somewhere, I think, just not on RPGamer. It didn't quite fit as well, since AV is no longer on staff. I don't play Mario Kart much anymore, mainly because I don't own it. Quinn is now happily in college in another state, so he doesn't worry about what I do back here in Texas. And speaking of Texas, that's where AV, Quinn and I live (except when AV and Quinn are off at college, I'll be in college in-state), and BSM lives in New York. Nothing personal against BSM, but we didn't want to fly him down here for a goofy skit. And has turned the beam machine into a cappucino maker and charges people in his dorm for special cappucino.
2) I don't know, but I got tired while typing the answer.
3) I prefer popsicles over lolly pops, and being in Texas, they melt WAY before 3 licks. I haven't studied lolly pops though, so I can't give you a definitive answer.
4) Insane is a strong word. I'd use "very very very very bored."

Q: 1) Why do so many people in Final Fantasy Tactics have blonde hair?
2) Do you ever worry that this site will get too big, there'll be a dispute among you, and suddenly the mighty RPGamer will become a network of smaller pages?
3) Do you prefer Aeris, Tifa, or Yuffie?

AK: 1) My guess is that the planet it takes place on has a slightly different angle on the sun, causing longer days and shorter nights, and leaving hair turning blondish due to over-exposure to the sun. They probably also have a high occurence of skin cancer.
2) That sounds like something out of Arthurian legend. Then, after we break up into a network of smaller pages, a mightly leader will be born (Mike and Erin's firstborn male?), rise to power, reunite all the pages, form a roundtable of webmasters, and live happily ever after until a love triangle forms? Nah. I wouldn't bet on it.
3) Well, not to play favorites, but Aeris is the babe in FF7.

Q: Do you or anybody else remember the Dragon Warrior/Quest cartoon (which was original an anime, I think) that ran on American TV for a brief while, a few years ago? I loved that series, and was just wandering if anyone else remembered it ( had tapes ^.^). My only qualm about it was it ended just before the final battle. "How's it end? You'll have to play the game to find out!"

AK: I remember seeing it in the TV guide, and noting that it was on way too early in the morning. So I slept instead. That ending does sound lame though. Did you ever try contacting the people that aired the show? Sometimes they know if there are copies available on tape. Your chances were better when the show was current, though. I wish you luck in your quest for tapes.

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