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Hey, surprisingly enough, I've gotten a lot of support in the mail from those of you who would have done the same thing on the t-shirt thing. Thanks guys, you're great, and you boost my ego to unbelievably large proportions! Does anyone have my peeled grapes ready? Just kidding. Yall are beautiful.

Q: I was just curious how much longer Breath of Fire 3 is going to be in the ol' PSX? I mean it seems like it's been up there for a while. Have you not beaten it yet? And when you do, what will you be playing next? Well, whatever the case, this is an awesome site. Hey, and I agree with everyone else who says you're a weenie! I mean, I once wore a Donkey Kong Country shirt shamelessly throughout the world just because it was a cool looking shirt and I loved the game. Of course, now that I'm no longer insane and actually care about having social interaction, that shirt is now tucked away forever. But at least Final Fantasy VII is a popular game! I think we should all move to Japan where you can wear shirts with giant Pikachus on them and be called cool for it. Oh well. Talk to yu later!

AK: Well, in all honesty, Breath of Fire 3 is in there not being played. I'm about halfway through, but have been too busy to play it, so it's just sitting there, lonely, not being played. It's a good, solid RPG, but nothing outlandishly awesome. Good, solid, RPG fun. Good, solid, 3D graphics. Just a solid effort by Capcom. And Donkey Kong might be an exception to the video game t-shirt rule: overgrown and hairy monkeys (Charles Munson? Just kidding, that boy can bass. Can't bass quite as well as Mikie, but he's good) are usually cool. Tifa and Lara Croft probably also defy the rule. Japan... great place, but I hear they eat raw fish. Uh uh. Not for me.

Q: Weenie man! How do you and the rest of the RPGamer staff STAND knowing everything there is to know about a game before actually playing it? Or do you..? ~Ian P.

AK: Well Ian P. Dweeeeeeb, it's sometimes hard. I knew much more about FF7 than I wanted to. Sometimes we're lucky enough to avoid spoilers until actual playing, sometimes not. It goes with the territory I guess.

Q: Hey, Andy! I've got a couple....ummm.....questions, yah. I guess I'll just start then.
1) Did you ever watch the Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday Morning Cartoon on ABC? Didja? Well, it rocked supremely, didn't it? And stuff.
2) For some reason, when I played the original Dragon Warrior, I found it was FUN! The graphics were horrid, everyone spoke in Old English, and the Princess gave a corny speech about her love for the hero, but it was just....Fun! ARGH! I can't stand it!
3) Do you think that the next RPGamer Staff Member will be named Andrew or Brian?
4) What do the women in FF7 see in Cloud? I mean, COME ON! He's under the control of the enemy, he knows nothing of his past, and he wears purple! ARGH!
Well, that's all for now, I guess.
~JM Stalker

AK: 1) No.. I never did watch it. I've played the game, though, and I have to admit I enjoy the game. I've seen a lot of Saturday Morning Cartoons, but not Sonic the Hedgehog.
2) Hey, the game was great the last time I played it! The last time I played it, admittedly, was a long long time ago, but it was fun. Not that modern games aren't fun, but it just goes to show you can make a good game with bad graphics.
3) Too many Andrews and Brians already! What we need... is a Brianne! Or an Andrea, or Andi... or Briannna... you get the idea. Equal rights!
4) Hey, purple is in this year. Didn't you see Mike Mills in Road Movie? The purple and sequins suit was the most stylish thing I've seen in ages.

Q: Is it just me, or do you also think that being a die-hard RPG fan and having a social life contradict each other? I mean, once you get started on a good RPG, you really don't want to do anything else but play it. Do you ever find yourself in the same position?
P.S.: How do you know all this stuff anyway?

AK: Sometimes, I think you're right. Oftentimes. Wait.. THAT MUST BE THE REASON! Eureka! You're brilliant! I KNEW there had to be a reason... I shower regularly...
P.S. I don't really know much. I just have a lot of useless trivia memorized, and everything else I just make up as I go along.

Q: Hey, AK! Here's the deal. I miss the old medeival final fantasies. FF6 is my favorite, because the characters, story, and sound really rock. I played some of ff5, but not alot. FF4's story-line was a little childish in my opinion, but that's ok. I didn't like the technology jump between FF6 and FF7. FF7 really rocked, but to me the plot seemed to start out kinda stupid. The lack of Cid in FF8 also really sucks. Anyway, the real point of my e-mail is that I see failure in the future of final fantasy. I think that it's becoming sc-fi with tech wars and these war machines and all. I miss medeival Final Fantasy! Ok, I'll shut up now. Thanks for listening.

AK: Well, I have to say I think we're in the minority here, but I agree with you. I prefer knights and sorcerers to mechs and soldiers. Even if we're not in the minority, Square seems to prefer the trend toward realism. But they do toss us a bone every now and then, which I ate up heartily in FF Tactics. But as long as they make great, fun games, I'll adjust.

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