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Well, it's a near-unanimous consensus by the many of you that mailed in: I am a weenie! For those wondering, the t-shirt was the standard FFVII one that Electronic Boutique gave out for those who pre-ordered FFVII. And, um, the reason I don't wear the shirt much ISN'T actually because I'm a weenie, but it's because I want to make sure the shirt doesn't fade and stay in mint condition... yeah. That's it.

Q: Hey, weenie!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Just kidding. Anyways, I was wondering, why does everyone want to know where to buy FF7 cinemas on tape? If you have a stereo VCR with A/V ports, you can just hookup your PSX through it, and push record whenever they come on. In fact, I recorded the whole game over several VHS tapes (7 to be exact). It's as boring as hell, but if you have a friend that dosen't have a PSX or a PC, giddy up! Well, that's about it, but I have another question- if peanut oil comes from peanuts and olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from? Don't cheat by looking at the back of a bottle for the ingredients. Thanks.

AK: Well, recording all the FF7 cinemas on tape is logical... but the WHOLE thing, including battles? MAN! Talk about a bore. I can't possibly imagine sitting through that... battles are boring enough playing them, I can't fathom just sitting there watching them... but whatever floats your boat, man! I'm also easily entertained, I like to watch cars drive by on streets and try to identify them.

Q: Hey Andy, that letter about video game shirts got me wondering: I have a FF7 shirt I picked up at a comic convention (yes, I get chicks, hot ones, even). The shirt depicts all the heroes in rendered polygonal form, with Cosmo Canyon in the background. I have friends who want to know where to get it, but there is no company besides Hanes on the tag. Do you know if this is an authentic Square licensed shirt? Also, should I get the HG (?) FF7 keyhains, or the 6 pc set advertised in so many ads in the bakc of game magazines. I have a feeling a cute Cait Sith keychain would be a babe magnet at school....

AK: Hey, cool, the shirt sounds cool. I honestly have no idea if it's officially Square endorsed, but it sounds neat nonetheless. The keychains are cool, I have one of Cloud, but he pokes my leg too much, so I don't use it. But it's a neat little miniature doll. Cait Sith keychain..? Babe magnet..? Bud, what school do you go to? I need to hook myself up over there.

Q: Hey, Andrew, I made an interesting observation last night. Games like FF7 or have really good graphics, but some of the games with not-as-good graphics like Wild Arms are more fun. I'm not saying I didn't have fun playing FF7, but Wild Arms has more puzzle-type dungeons, where the FF series tries to do everything "realistic", if you catch my drift. What do you think is better, being "realistic" or being "fun"?

AK: Oh, easy choice by all means, fun. I don't play games to to enter a second, dark reality; I play them to enjoy an altnernate reality where my friends and I ~can be heroes, just for one day~.. Of course, fun and realistic can both be attained, but being made to chose one, I go for fun. Wild Arms was fun, but so was FF7, in my opinion. But is there a point where games get too realistic and not as fun? Possibly. It's going to be a fine line to walk. Parasite Eve will probably come the closest to this line, so we'll see how the reactions to it are.

Q: Greetings!
Q: One thing that's bugging me all around is that many poeple see FF4 as the best part of the series... but can you tell me one real reason why? I mean, it's not a bad game, but hell, it has a rather silly plot (that may be interesting at times, but usually consists of the classic go-there-and-find-that quests...) Well, I usually think gameplay is more important, but well, FF4's battles all seem the same, since they usually always consist of the "do the strongest attack with everyone"-strategy. If you want to know, my favourites are FF5, because it has an unbeatable gameplay, FUN battles and requires REAL strategy, and FF6, because it has the best story, at- mosphere and characters in any FF so far (yeah, I'm not an FF7-freak.) And one addition, most characters seem to have last names in FF... I saw a picture of an FF-artbook once, and it had a picture of Kururu, and the Romaji-name was "Klulu Maier Baldeson". (Dumb name). Well, but those artbooks are incredible hard to find now, anyway :-( Any info on that? Farewell...

AK: Well, I like FF4 the best because of the plot, not the battles, and the huge amounts of areas to explore. You're done with the overworld... where is there to go? Underground, of course. Done there... the game closing to an end... where will the climactic finale be? ON THE MOON? Wicked plot twist! I just loved every minute of that game. FF5 has similar pre-battle strategy as FF Tactics, and that style of gameplay is fun and challenging as well. No info on the art book, sorry, they really are hard to find. I have no idea how to go about finding them.

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