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Oh yeah, let the good times roll again baby! I must be in a groove, because I'm having to start another Q&AK with a correction/clarification. Yesterday, when trying to clarify the poll, I muddled it more. Let's try this:

"When we say released in 1998, we mean games that have not yet been released to this date but WILL be released before 1999 rolls around."

Is that better?

Q: Woaa!! Crystalis!! Thought I was the only one having played this one! This was a really good one (I would put it in the action RPG like Zelda though). I had heard (soooo long ago) that a second one was in the making. Ever heard if it was true? Did it get out only in Japan? Ever heard of a sequel lately? This was a great game and I would always like to hear about another Crystalis Ralos

AK: Crystalis really is a true classic. Unfortunately, rumors of another one being made were unsubstantiated. There's been only one. Is SNK even still around? They made some classic games, like Crystalis and Baseball Stars...

Q: Yo, AK, my main man, my homey, my pal, where the fudge is the healing herb in azure dreams?? my best guess is the 30th floor. (I've only gotten to the 25th, where I got the water medal, and it payed! Now I get to see all the girls except Cheryl and for some reason Pat in a bathing suit! Alright!) So anyway, tell me if I'm right.

AK: You made it to floor 25, eh... according to my sources, you were 3 floors away. The very powerful and mighty Andrew Lee (who says Brians are taking over the RPG world), who is writing an Azure Dreams FAQ (which will be posted on my next info update, coming soon), says you can find it on floor 28.
Patty goes down to her bathing suit? Golly. That's downright PG. Scary. Chartoon characters in underwear.

Q: Andrew and all the others wanting to make games,
Ok guys.......have you ever wanted to make your own RPG's! Well ya can without knowing a bit of HTML! Just check out and then search for Multimedia Fusion!
This is a cool program in which you can make and sell games, applications and screen savers. I have been making my own game........It's called Tierrus! You'll probably be seeing it soon! I have Jeff Copperthite doing the midis (He's the FFTBMP guy)
So check it out! You will not be disapointed!

AK: OK! No more using Q&AK for commercials! I shouldn't have posted that one yesterday, because now I feel obligated to give a plug for the competition. Stop sending me stuff that makes me feel guilty!

Q: Great. The great FFT debate is over in the editorials section. Has anybody anywhere said anything about FFT2 yet?

AK: Cottonby, you're too eager! FFT just came out. Give Square some time to like, make FF8 and stuff, then let's talk more FFT action. I would like to see a sequal to FFT, but we'll have to wait and see.

Q: Hey BSM... 1st, thanx for publishing my letter. 2nd, Make sure whoever (probably AK) is next writing this column gets this one important bit of info... The ffvii/cyrix patch is out! And even more suprisingly, it works! GO HERE for the patch, and follow the steps they give. You have to hand it to Eidos, they are working out those bugs as fast as they can...

AK: BSM forwarded this letter to me. He thought it was important. So here it is. Go Eidos!

Q: I heard that they may continue FF7's story line to FF8, but really you could do it very easily- Since the meteor hit, and everyone died (supposedly), and there were still children laughing, that *might* symbolize the survival of mankind. But suppose humans began to thrive again, who have learned from Red XIII? Since the atmosphere so far is seen as beautiful and peaceful, it could show that humans have learned to treat the earth and eachother respectfully from him. I know how the technology is farther ahead than in FF7, and Red XIII would be long dead, but they might pass down the knowledge from him over the generations. It would make sense, because my that time, everything would be decayed anyways, and all they would have to do is alter the world map a smidge. Oh, and how are Biggs and Wedge in FF8? Didn't they both die when the plate crashed (or when they were shot by Reno)? And what's this I hear about Cloud sitting somewhere in the game?

AK: This question comes up before every new Final Fantasy, and then every 2 days even when there is no new Final Fantasy. Remember, Square has said they prefer not to make games with continuous plotlines -- it limits their creativity. Also, Biggs and Wedge have been in other Final Fantasies, but it's hard to argue FF6 is related to FF7 (unless you make some HUGE logical leaps). Biggs and Wedge are in FF8, or one of them is, at least, but don't count on the plot continuing FF7's.

Q: 1)Did you steal my wallet?
2)If so, can I have it back?

AK: 1) No, I did NOT steal your wallet. Don't accuse me of things. I only borrowed it to see if you had any major credit cards I would find handy. I had every intention of giving the wallet back.
2) No, I gave it to BSM.

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