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   Few quick notes here. One, I got a lot of letters about FF7 PC, so instead of publishing them all, I'll just share the general gist of 'em: FF7 PC is el buggo supremo if you don't know how to doctor your system juuuuust right to accomodate it, and in many cases you're better off just buying a PSX and playing the standard issue. PC's battle graphics are smoother, but its FMV is very low quality.

   As for game sales, Q&AK isn't about to become a game market, but you can always inquire on our message boards. Just keep in mind that RPGamer washes its hands of all transactions and is not to be held responsible if you pay but don't get your game, or send your game and don't get paid.

   On a final note, AK's spottier-than-a-leopard cable modem has decided that it likes working again, so he'll be resuming his Q&A duties as of tomorrow (August 3rd, sorry again for lateness). Kudos, it's been fun!

Q: You said "surprising that Eidos didn't manage to refine the product more before releasing it..."

   Did you know that Eidos is only a publishing house? Yep, Squaresoft did all the buggy coding themselves. Eidos handles tech support for it, that's part of the deal. Hopefully, their future efforts will be less buggy and more sucessful.


   P.S. Do you think RPGamer could start a a succesful petition for a PC version of FF Tactics/Einhander/Xenogears/Parasite Eve/AnyotherSquaregameyoucanthinkof?

BSM: Ooh, did not know that. In light of Square's recent poor translation efforts, this takes down my faith in them down yet another notch. Shoddy products like this are inexcusable and really show a general disrespect to the fans. Square could take a lesson or two from Working Designs.

   As for the petition, no can do, sorry. See our FAQ. Since all of those games are readily available in the U.S., there's really no reason to petition. Likewise, if a game is not brought over for good reason (re: RPG Maker), don't expect a petition either.

Q: Yesterday someone had a question about Chrono Trigger and why don't you see your party throughout the game if you're time traveling to places you've been (expect for when you exchange the Chrono clone, when Luca goes back in time to save her mother, and when Robo replants Fiona's woods). Here's an example why you don't meet your party throughout the game. Let's say you travel to 2300 AD (0 Hours, 0 Minutes, 0 Seconds). Then you go through it and do all the stuff and it took you 1 hour and 2 minutes. I believe that they are flowing along with time, not appearing at the exact time. So if you come back to 2300 AD right after you left, you'd actually be coming back to 2300 AD (1 Hour, 2 minutes, 0 seconds).


BSM: That makes sense, Guana, which is probably why I didn't think of it.

Q: hey Brain,

   In response to Moogle Charm, our world is not, and cannot, be a dream. Why? Cogito ergo sum. Which is latin for "I believe therefore I am." You may have heard this before. This was said by Descartes, a philosopher born in 1596. Descartes, just like you, wondered about the same thing, grasshopper, only that he didn't know what RPGs were. His theory was that if we can THINK in this realm, we must therefore exist. If you have noticed, when we dream, we do not think. We see ourselves, or other people doing things, but we cannot think, we just see. I hope you understand this, I bet Brian doesn't.


BSM: Actually, it's "I think, therefore I am." But, when you get down to it, it's all relative, and all depends on how one defines "existence," "reality," and "dream." Who knows, if our brains were wired a bit differently, maybe we'd take for granted that our dreams are the "real" world, rather than vice versa. Stew on that for a while. That's my deep thought for the day.

   And just for that parting comment, credo tuum stultum esse. Cerebrum canis habes. (Yep, milking that Latin education for all it's worth.)

Q: I would like to sell BFM and (this is the part which pains me) the requisite demo disc with Another Mind, Erhgeiz, and, oh yeah, FFVII. You hooked up those nice CT people, how about doing another fellow a good turn? :) I paid $68 new for the 2-CD set; they've barely been used, so I'm asking $55 for both of them. Brave Fencer Musashi AND FFVII demo! Surely there's someone out there who wants em, eh? Use your powers for good, my friend.

   - Andrew

BSM: Well, I said no more game sales, but I'll make this one exception. Never mind kindly Andrew's inability to count in Roman numerals, I'm quite sure he means the FFVIII demo. Keep in mind that this is the Japanese version, so if you've been planning on importing, this is probably a better deal for you. I'll forward all inquiries to our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Q: What do you think are the chances of me, becoming an RPG designer? I'm interested in working on the story and such. What should I do in high school to prepare myself?

BSM: You have a decent shot at it, especially since the RPG market is an ever expanding one. I'd say you'd need plenty of imagination / creativity as a natural skill. Learning lots and lots about computer programming and such is a must; it might not be a requirement for writers, but it would look great on your resumé.

Q: GaaaHHHHH!!! I am Lord Bahamut, King of the Dragons! I am very disappointed in recent rpgs! Buaha! In the good old days, I and the other summon monsters had personalities, and even background stories! Gahhhh! Now we are reduced to lumps of unimaginative materia! It's a good thing my kingdom is on the moon, or I'd eat those game developers who did this! Gahaa!! But, lo, it looks as if we espers may be saved! FFVIII looks as if the summon monsters are more than simple spells! Yes, we may even have personalities! But, until that day comes, we will prepare. Oh yes. We will prepare.

   Lord Bahamut
   The MoonDate

BSM: ...I think you forgot to take your medication.

   As for your comments, I agree; the land of the summoned monsters was a great side story in FFIV. It added another dimension to the game (no pun intended) and lended a certain mystique to the actual summoned monsters. Hopefully FFVIII will recapture this to some extent.

Q: Just a note and a question from your friendly neighborhood violist. Carmina Burana is not an opera. It's, in Orff's own words, a "Scenic Cantata." The work is supposed to be performed with dancers and sets. I the movement it follows most is the first (and Last) "O Fortuna."

   The two following works, Catulli Carmina and Trionfo di Afrodite, are also great works with similar musical elements.

   Now, a question.

   Am I crazy for loving the first Final Fantasy more than any of the others? I enjoyed that game more than either FF2 or FF3. The FFL series never compaired, but FF7 is the only one to come close. That's enough babble for one e-mail.

   -That one Guy

   BSM: Oops. Correction noted.

   As for your Q, yeah, I'd say you're crazy. :) FFI had a very basic storyline with few twists and surprises, no character development, and what was in my opinion a poor battle system (I can only use Fire 3 times? What's up with that!?). Not to mention unbalanced gameplay in general. One of the things I loved most about FFIV (and pretty much all subsequent RPGs) was that you didn't have to spend any time on leveling up if you never ran from fights. But to each his own, I suppose.

Q: Okay, you recently printed a letter concerning Wedge and Biggs (or Vicks), and how they are set to appear in the upcoming FFVIII. Well, I just would like to shed a little light on the fact that Biggs was in FFT as well. Remember the guy in the opening fight at the monastery? His name was Viggs, but that's just one more mistranslation in a game full of mistranslations. Maybe they were trying to cross Biggs and Vicks. Who knows. Also, I'd like to point out that Wedge has died twice, and Biggs/Vicks/Viggs has died four times. I think he deserves an award for that.

   - Bob 'insert wacky nickname of your choice' Smith

BSM: Thanks for the tidbit of info, Bob 'leather eggplant' Smith. "Oh my God, they killed Vicks! You BASTARDS!"

Q: Brian,

   Biggs and Wedge are from Star Wars right? That's not infringement of any kind?

BSM: Well, it's understood that they're just spoofs, so they're kosher. If one of FFVIII's main characters swings a light saber and is named "Luke Skywalker," then there would be problems.

   Well, that's all for me. Time for me to be folded up and placed neatly back into the closet. Don't worry, I'm encased in a piece of glass that says "Break in case of emergency." Until then, I'll be working my bum off to service some of the best web fans around. Ciao!

- Brian M.
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