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   Hey, guess what! I remembered the name of that drinking song I menitoned in yesterday Q&AK while basking in the relaxation of the greatest think tank ever to be created: the bathtub. It's called In Taberna, and it's pretty groovy. ~In taberna quando sumus, non curamus quid sit humus~

   Anyway, on to the interrogation.

Q: Hey BSM...

   More on that "FF7 is totally buggy" notion... This is a simple warning to all loyal readers of the column... If you have not yet purchased FFVII for your pc, and plan to, think about your system first... If you have a Cyrix processor, you should do one of 2 things:
   Buy a different brand of processor (Intel or AMD)
   or... if you do not feel like it... Buy a psx...
   Why do i say this, you ask? (You did ask, right?) Well, according to the ff7pc faqs, those with older cyrix processors (anything pre-mmx) MAY (pronounced: will) get an error when running the game.
   This did not apply to me, with a new, shiny 233mmx... Yet, the music refuses to play in the game. Describing the problem to Eidos (however u want to pronounce it) Tech Support, they reconfirmed my original worry. ALL cyrix's have invalid FPU timestamps, and lack of music is a giveaway of the problem...
   They promised Cyrix is currently working on a patch... and to contact them for details.
   Contacting Cyrix, (which I might add answer tech e-mails 15x the speed that eidos does) they agree with the incompatibility problems. They said, however, that the problem resides within the architechure of the processor, and it will never be patched. If I want music AND my cyrix still in place, I am screwed...
   I am now stuck buying a new processor, just to fix the problem. As many rpg lovers would agree, that is a minor price to pay to get the full experience of one of the great game works of our generation...
   Brian, if you have any comments on or suggestions for my problem... just say it.
   Cammi (Sorry for my long-windedness, but I am still pretty 42'ed about it...)

Q: Brian,

   Someone, I believe they said their name was Dave, said they haven't had any problems with FF7... Well, my system EXCEEDS the minimum requirements by a pretty fair margin, and I've been having CONSTANT problems with the game... I bought it 'cause I figured I could end it before I left for Boot Camp in 55 days. Now, the game is constantly crashing freezing up, etc... In fact, in an auto-reply e-mail, Eidos says:

"We are aware that there are a number of problems with FInal Fantasy VII. Currently the only know solutions to these problems are listed on the F.A.Q. at the web site and we have little in the way of others, your patience in this is appreciated and we sincerely apologize for the difficulties you are encountering."

   So to Dave, I just wanna say "BLAH!" The game is totally buggy and should've been worked on before release... Don't you agree?


BSM: Well, here's the other side of the argument. Like I said, it works for some people, but others have had more than their fair share of problems. Searching for bugs is tough, I imagine, especially system specific bugs like Cammi's, but I still find it very surprising that Eidos didn't manage to refine the product more before releasing it (perhaps due to a rush to get in on the shelves?). In the end, consumers like Cammi and Rey just end up getting shafted. If I were a PC owner, I'd think twice about purchasing FF7 PC, and hope that future efforts come off more smoothly. And if I already did purchase it and have it bug out on me, I'd probably give Eidos a piece of my mind.

Q: hey brian! Why is it that in Chrono trigger, despite traveling through time a bazillion times your party never meets it self(minus the chrono resurection of course). And if the party has been to the "end of time" why isn't the party always already there when you get there?

BSM: Because those dimwits at Square just don't fully comprehend the full extent of the consequences of accelerated motion through the space-time continuum. *sigh*

Q: whats the deal with breath of fire 3 getting all the reviews's? what is so special about breath of fire 3? I found it mediocre at best and it's not even a high profile game like final fantasy. So whats the deal?

   p.s. why does it say i.e. in perinthsis (did i spell that right) next to a word some times?

BSM: Well, BoF III is a relatively recent game, and at the same time it's been out long enough for evaluations of it to be established. Since RPGamer's back library is quite massive, we plan on doing reviews only for recent games.

   The i.e. (meaning id est, Latin for "that is") in parentheses is used to clarify or illustrate a point. Where's my apple?

Q: Hey Brian,

   It's late night and I was thinking: What if this world we live in is all just a dream and the RPG's we play in our dreams are having an effect on the real world? The real world being the RPG world of course, is where we are when we wake up but totally forget when we dream. So, getting to the point... If this IS the case, when we wake up would you like to meet up with me so you can join my party?

   Moogle Charm

BSM: Whoa. Deep. Are you sure you're not dreaming that you're the reincarnation of Zhuang-Zhou, the Chinese philosopher?

   As for your Q, I'll join your party as long as I'm not the designated driver.

Q: Hey Brian, I'm just wondering what your middle name is. We all know about the B and the M, but what is the S? Like Simon? Steve? Shorty? Stewart? Sam?

   Anyway, to something on a higher level of thinking, how long do you think it will take you to beat FF8 when it comes out and how long did FF6 take you to beat? Another question, does FF8 seem challenging, I'm just wondering because lately, FFs have become easier (except Tactics). Thanks Brian uhh...S M

   -The Purple Cow

BSM: If I told you what the S stands for, then it wouldn't be mysterious, now would it? Surely the Purple Cow himself can appreciate one's mystery. Do you lactate grape juice, by the way? Er, let's forget I asked that.

   Since FF7 was a bit longer than the typical FF and the first FF on Playstation, my guess would be something similar to FF7-- 35-40 hours of gameplay. FF6 took me about 35 hours the first time through, although it's possible to beat in in under 20 because of the non-linear nature of the World of Ruin. As for FF8's challenge, it looks like standard RPG fare, which is a nice way of saying "easy." There doesn't seem to be any major changes to the classical console RPG battle system, which never fails to not impress. It's a lot more difficult to create a challenge not based on the enemies having higher levels than you in such a system than in a totally strategical setting, such as FFT.


BSM: Hey, that guy that wants to sell Chrono Trigger. E-mail him. He'd pay 50 bucks for it. Actually, e-mail me and I'll hook you two up. Ain't that sweet of me?

   Yet more evidence that there are always better alternatives than Funco Land. If you've got stereotypical fighter A, sure, drop it off there. If you're thinking of selling a higher class game (re: RPGs), hold off. You should be able to make at least $20 off of any 16 bit RPG you own, says I.

   You'll be receiving your bills for my financial advice within the week.

Q: Hi,

   I have read RPGamer for a while, even when it was the UnOfficial Squaresoft Homepage on and have been pleased with the quality, but very irritated at some of the remarks. You NEVER EVER actively report on PC games. You put info on some of the stupidest games I've ever seen on Playstation, but there are no pages about, say, Ultima Ascention, or any Ultima game, Baldur's Gate, or any other PC fighting game. Do you think that a K6/200 isn't as powerful as a Sony Playstation??? I've played FF7 on PSX and it looked okay.. Played it on my computer (monster 3d voodoo) and it looked GREAT. Why don't you report on PC games, which run on better hardware? It's like still writing articles for a SNES and not for N64.

BSM: We've been getting a few mails of this nature, and for good reason, given our title. So let's clear something up: RPGamer covers only console RPGs or console style RPGs (hence the coverage of Anachronox and Septerra Core). Just doing console is tough enough, and there's still a lot of ground to cover in that area, so we're sticking to it. We don't have plans for covering PC games in the forseeable future, but never say never.

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