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   Greetings to all you gamers out there in RPG land! This is your captain, the bewildering Brian M. (not to be confused with the bountifully busy Brian G.) speaking. I'll be keeping the pilot's seat warm while AK's computer recovers from a nasty crash landing. If you look to your right, you'll notice scenic Hyrule below us, in all of its rectangular goodness. Cocktails will be available shortly.

Q: What happened to AK? did his computer get messed up again? That man needs a Mac.

BSM: His cable modem is slightly less consistent than the frequency with which rainbows end at a patch of four-leaved clovers. (Yes, I like Lucky Charms, although the marshmellow content is alarmingly low these days. And no, I'm not Irish.)

Q: First Brian G., then Brian M.? Is the trend fading from Andrews to Brians?

BSM: Good eye! Yes, "Brian" is in fashion this season. "Andrew" is so last spring.

Q: Well, well, well... Nine FFs with chocobos... That'd be FF2j, FF3j, FF4j, FF5j, FF6j, FF7, FFT and now FF8. Now, pardon me if I'm wrong, but isn't that only eight?? Chocobos don't appear in FF:MQ or FF1, so what FF am I missing where our horse/chicken friend appears? Perhaps FFA or FFL (I never played 'em so I don't know...(Although don't they belong to the SaGa and Seiken Denetsu series respectively))?
   Dan Wright

BSM: I find it mildly disconcerting that you actually counted, Dan. ;) Actually, the affable chocobo makes an appearance in Final Fantasy Adventure (which, on a side note, happens to be the origin of the inescapably cute flobie bearing furball, the moogle). FFA was also the only FF to feature a mech enhanced choc (your ride gets bionic legs after a fall, if memory serves). Technically, FFA is a member of the Seiken Densetsu seriers, but it still has "Final Fantasy" tacked onto its title.

Q: Hello Brian! Andrew always seems to disappear lately. I have a question. Do you really think that the higher Lunar price is worth it?

BSM: Yeah, Andrew's been spotty because of that yellow moon cable modem of his. (Or was it purple horse shoe? Er, nevermind.)
   I definitely think the price raise is worth it. Take a look at all those goodies being packaged with the game. If everything was sold in a seperate package, it would probably amount to upwards of $100. Looking at it from that perspective, Lunar's price is a downright steal. Vic, what are you thinking? (or, should I say, Vic, you clever fox...)

Q: Hey Brian M! I've just got a question regarding EIDOS, the company that published the Windows 95/98 version of FF7. How is it pronounced?

BSM: Ooh, the ever-tricky topic of pronunciation. This was some sticky business for AK during his early career as RPGamer answer man, but I'll tackle it anyway. (Daring, aren't I.) I pronounce it "eye dose," as in "ocular medication."

Q: What happened to your slogan "For RPG Gamers Everywhere"? I know, I have too much time on my hands for noticing this, but why did you change it?

BSM: It turns out there was one disgruntled RPG fan in Montana who didn't like our page and threatened to sue us for false advertising. Being the upright, law-abiding citizens that we are, we decided to change it.
     Either that, or we just thought our current slogan sounded better. I can't remember which (I was perfecting my doodle gallery during the meeting).

Q: Long ago, I bought Final Fantasy when it was released for about $40. The same goes for the other two we got here in the US after that one. Recently, someone offered me $2000 for the three of them (as if I'd ever let them go). Is it my imagination or is that an astronomical increase in value?

BSM: *blinks* You mean, you... didn't jump at that like a rabid dog? (Yes, I looked for the part where he tells me about the bridge in Brooklynn, but I couldn't find it.)
   Then again, at $2000 for those 3 games, that would come out to $666 per (silence, mathemeticians, I'm sure the buyer could go without the extra 2 bucks) ... maybe it's better that you didn't go for it after all. He didn't mention anything about blood contracts or owning your soul, did he? (Or maybe Bikke typoed in an exra 0... nah.)
   Actually, assuming that everyone's favorite pirate stereotype actually did mean $200... Why, yes, I'd say that's a bit more than their market value, especially considering that NES oldie FFI is in the package. As the true FF fan that you seem to be, though, you seem to realize that the sentimental value attached to the FFs makes them impossible to sell, unless you're offered a ridiculously high amount (like, say, $2000).
   On a somewhat related note, this brings to my attention the fact that the current year, only two years removed from 2000, is a multiple of 666. Yet more evidence that The World Will End At The Year 2000. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. But, on a more serious note...

Q: Ok tell me something. We almost didn't get a American version of Xenogears, because of controversy right? Now we have this huge debate in the Editorial part of RPGamer, about Mature and religous content. Doesn't this just prove that Square is right to think that we're NOT mature enough for these games? Hell, maybe we SHOULDN'T get Xenogears, just to save all of us a lot of stress when people start complaining about its content, and you know someone will complain.

BSM: Well, first of all, I don't think the issue is about whether American gamers are mature enough to handle the content, but how much controversy a game's content could potentially stir up. Square apparently didn't think Tactics' content was controversial enough to cause a major fuss, and they were right. Sure, there are some unhappy campers out there, but, according to the old adage, you can't please all of the people all of the time. No congressman or religious group protested Tactics' content to my knowledge, which I'm sure is all Square wanted to avoid.
   As for how this all applies to Xenogears, who knows? I'm no expert on the game's plot, but I've heard that it's actually less offensive in its religious content, or at least not as blatantly offensive, than Tactics is. I suppose we won't know until the game is actually released here in the States.

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