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Hey hey hey! The computer's back in one peice, so let's talk some RPGs!

Q: I hear Mario RPG 64 (or is it Mario RPG 2?) is going to have FULLY automated battle systems, to "appeal to younger viewers." (Mommy! I want Mario RPG 2! It's only 50 dollars! But I need a 150 dollar N64 and a 200 add on!) And it looks like Super Mario World, except Mario took a ride in the trash compactor. Just how badly do you think it's gonna bomb?

AK: Oh, I don't think it'll bomb at all. I think it'll sell quite well. First of all, there are a LOT of N64's out there, and not many games. "Another Mario RPG? Neat! I'll get that!" Secondly, Mario sells. It's as simple as that: the name Mario sells games. Will it boost the RPG industry? Not likely, because it's sounding like it's not even going to be a true RPG. But despite the critisism, it might be a big stepping-stone for RPGs. A large part of the N64 audience knows next to nothing about RPGs, and Mario RPG 64 could be a step toward gamers enjoying a more hard-core Nintendo RPG.

Q: What? Come on... The mystery RPG is a sequel to a game about a big bird? I mean, I've got nothing against chocobos or anything. I don't understand why Square doesn't just make CT2 and save themselves the trouble of worrying if it will sell.

AK: Well, Square's corporate bigwigs always have a reason behind what they do. Now, in some cases, such as this one, everyone is a little confused as to the exact reasons behind such a decision. Heck, a lot of people are quite baffled. Including me. My best guess is that since Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon sold well in Japan they're going to try to reproduce the success.

Q: I've read from a few sources relating Squaresoft's plan to develop an arcade game featuring all the characters in ff7. Is there any substance to this news?

AK: Nope, no substance. The closest thing is EHRGEIZ, which has Tifa and Cloud in it, but not the rest of the cast.

Q: I read how you profess to be a big fan of the Lufia series. I'd like to know how you can stand to even play it? The sound is mediocre, and the graphics remind me of those little Fisher-Price toys you buy for children!
If you're going to play an obscure RPG, my first choice would be the 7th Saga. Now -that- was a fun game!

AK: Dude, how many mind altering and illegal drugs are you on? Lufia had a great plotline, cool music, and had nice flow, if you will. Sure, the graphics aren't great, but aren't much different from your standard SNES fare. 7th Saga... fun? Those two belong together like french fries and chocolate syrup. It was boring, tedious, and just all around lame.

Q: I don't think anyone who comes to rpgamer should diss ANY RPG. We're lucky to even have RPG's. Every RPG is a literature in my case. Which brings me to my question: Do you get sick of everyone dissing RPG's? I mean, everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, but after dozens and dozens of letters, don't you think they are just baised?

AK: An interesting question after I shredded that last person. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if they don't happen to like an RPG, that's cool. Dissing RPGs as a whole isn't cool if you ask me, but only if you haven't given them a chance. If you've tried them and you don't like them, hey, that's your right. Or your left. Haha. Just a little late-night-and-my-brain-quit- functioning-several-hours-ago humor.

Q: Ya know how you've been sayin there isn't a code to get aeris back....wrong, I read in a EGM or EGM 2 from late 97 and early 98 that there is a game shark code for getting [certain person in FF7] back. The only thing I remember about it is that you have to have the 3rd slot in your party open to do this (that is before you enter the code) only do this after..ya know

AK: Yeah, there's a Gameshark code to do it, but that's pretty lame, if you ask me. Said character will be in your party, but just for battles, and it really confuses cut scenes I've heard. But if you really want that character back, you can do it that way.

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