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   After a couple false alarms, Andrew Kaufmann is returning to host the Q&AK tomorrow. With his ethernet card problems vanquished, and his power supply woes overcome, nothing can come between him and hosting this article! (Well, unless a cute girl happens to make eye contact with him...but I digress.)

Q: Hey Brian,
   Two things:
   1.) The person commenting on Nobuo's work for Final Fantasy VII was partially right, but also partially wrong. The composition of the soundtrack itself was very good, and most of the songs were well done. However, the execution in- game was horrible. For being a 3-CD PSX game, the soundtrack really should've been done in symphonic form. If you've heard the last three tracks on "Reunion" then you can see what I mean. The CD version of "One-Winged Angel" puts the in game version to shame.
   and now, onto my question
   2.) I've heard reports circulating around some of the more reliable RPG sites that say that Square is moving up the U.S release date of Parasite Eve to around August 2nd, and then moving Xenogears up to September 2nd. Any truth to either of these rumors?    Thanks,

BG: The way things were on the CDs, everything was packed in pretty tightly already. In order to get a nice, symphonic form in the game, they would probably have had to use redbook audio. They simply didn't have the space for that without using many more CD s, which they just couldn't do. Anyway, soundtracks wouldn't sell as well as they do now if they had music worse than the games. =)
   As for the second point, I'd say those are just that--rumors. I've heard nothing to substantiate those, and the latest release dates on EB World state that Parasite Eve is due on Septem ber 19th, while Xenogears is slated for a October 28th release. And they get their information straight from game publishers and distributors, so it's usually extremely reliable (until the companies themselves change the dates).

Q: WHAT IS EVERYBODY'S PROBLEM??!!??!! In a majority of the letters sent to you guys people call Aeris Aerith. I know thats what she's called in Japan but FOR GOD SAKES CALL HER AERIS YOU &^@^@$*&^@!!!!!!!! SAY IT RIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHHTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pant* *puff* *wheez* Sorry bout that... its just kinda annoying.

BG: "Say it! Say it, Frenchie! Chowder!" "Chow-dah."

Q: I read this on a site though I hope it's not true. It said that Game Fan printed an article about SQUARE making a game call Mana64. They said Nintendo must have dished out a lot of money for it and it wasn't going to be done for a few years. Can you see if there is any truth to this? I hope SQUARE didn't make a contract with Nintendo because I don't have an N64 and I've been waiting a long time to play a sequel to Secret of Mana.
   -Michael (FinalHeven)

BG: I saw that article myself. In short, I think Game Fan did something which we in the gaming industry have given a special word to. That word is "goofed." There's probably no truth to this, and Square has certainly not announced or confirmed that they ar e working on this, unlike they usually do when they start a new game. Square -does- seem to be set to announce a sequel to an existing series sometime soon, but the article you mentioned is already pretty old.

Q: I agree with you that too much linearity or overly done openness are not so great, but how can you say Final Fantasy IV was just right? That had to be the most linear RPG in existance. There were only 3 small sidequests, each one obvious and leading to new summoned monsters. I would think that Final Fantasy VI was a better mix, being 1/2 linear(world of balance) and 1/2 open(world of ruin). Or Chrono Trigger, linear mostly until you get the Epoch, or Final Fantasy VII for that matter, opening up from its linearity in the 3rd CD.

BG: I "goofed." =) I meant to put the I after the V, not before it. (Really!)

Q: Like you, Big Lick, I am a big fan of the Lufia series.....And like you, and many other fans, I'm pissed off about the shaky grounds surrounding the release of Lufia III. However, if you take such a liking to the Lufia series, then how come they are not covered in the Game Coverage section of RPGamer??? There are plenty of walkthroughs and pics and everything out there, what's the deal with this? Oh, and by the way, anyone who so viciously criticizes the mighty Chocobo like that again will suffer a brutal and feathery death.

BG: I'm one step ahead of you, man. =) I added Lufia & The Fortress of Doom coverage earlier this morning, and Lufia 2 : Rise of the Sinistrals is next. Remember, RPGamer was a Squaresoft-only website as little as four months ago, and we're continually add ing new games since we switched over. In fact, well over half of our games are non-Squaresoft ones. There's still some popular RPGs missing, but we're getting to it while at the same time keeping up to date on the latest upcoming RPGs, and all the other fun things you can see and do at RPGamer. (Maybe I should have taken a marketing job.)

Q: WHAT?!? You DARE suggest that Uematsu's destructive perversions of the FF victory theme and FF Theme (Cecil&Rosa's Wedding March) are in any way GOOD? Even the part of the victory fanfare he left the same (you know, what it plays during the victory dances, prior to showing EXP and AP) is screwed up--the last two notes ARE FLAT!!! And that change he made to the FF theme in the credits--ARRGGGHHHH!!!!! Oh, yeah, my question. It takes 103.8 licks for the average person to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. How many Big Licks does it take?

BG: 42.

Q: Mr. Glick,
   How come no one agrees with me? How come no one thinks that Edgar Figaro from FFVI is the greatest male Final Fantasy character in the history of the series? What is all this "Sephy-chan" stuff about? Have people all lost their minds? Are they disagreeing with me just because I'm Canadian? (Am I asking too many questions?) Edgar so obviously surpasses all of the other video game guys in looks, power, charm, and intelligence. But all I get from my devotion are doctored images of him being brutally killed in numerous ways. Do you think I'm right, or just clueless?
   Edgar forever, Sephiroth never!

BG: I've learned so much while working on the Q&AK. Now I know exactly why people don't agree with me...because I'm Canadian too! And I thought it was because what I was saying wasn't correct...boy, I'm glad you cleared that up for me. =)
   B, I believe you've swooned towards Edgar's charms just a tad, reading your letter. But, I'm sure you must have noticed that his charmingness and his excess of hair gel is just a ploy to win over the hearts of the ladies. I mean, just look at his three reasons for helping Terra in Final Fantasy VI (got it right that time...): "I'll give you three reasons. First of all, your beauty has captivated me! Second, I'm dying to know if I'm your type. I guess your...abilities...would be a dista nt third." (Yes, I stole that from your signature.) Seems a little womanizing and dishonest to me.
   But you know, it's probably better than having an affection for an evil madman.

Q: Here's the original "Stupid, stupid rat creatures!" frames, to clear things up for non-readers. Use them.. or suffer my wrath. >:(

BG: A lot of people were probably wondering what that whole little comic strip was about in yesterday's column, so the zany MagitekChoc is clearing things up a bit. The comic is known as "Bone", and it's a great read--it's not like any comic I've seen before. Check it out.
   And that's it! It's been another great time temporarily hosting the Q&AK. See you back next time Andy's computer explodes in a shower of sparks. =)
   -Brian Glick

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