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Late breaking amendment:

Andrew's let me know that now his ethernet card is fried as well. So, I'm back here until Monday, or possibly even later. So for now, please continue to email questions directly to me. The rest of the article is unchanged, since I wanted to keep it intact.

   Well, this was a brief little tour of duty for me. Andrew Kaufmann should be back tomorrow with a nice, repaired computer. Assuming all goes well, expect him back with another Q&AK article that you all know and love. For those that missed yesterday's article, I'm Brian Glick, and I'm hosting the Q&AK temporarily until Andy gets back from his computer troubles. (He'll probably claim that the ardent female fans that captured him were tiring him too much. But you know better, right?)

Q: Um... Speaking about Game+ option, and I don't know if you have any way of having any impact what so ever, or if you could even answer the question presented to you here (on a silver platter with a velvet cover no less) and that your eminence would even bother to read this lengthly message due to its over-exhaggerated intro and pointless use of space due to the point that I am pointing out that this is a pointless use of space (could i possibly use the word 'point' more? (point, point, point!!!)...) ANYWAY!
Why doesn't square put the Game+ option in more of their games, and is there any way you could convince them to put it in more of thier future games?

BG: The "New Game +" option was mostly designed so people could get the multiple endings in Chrono Trigger by using the whole time-travel theme in the game to see what would happen if you finished the game at various points in the plot. Since other games don't have that same sort of theme, there's no real reason to include it. And I personally like it better when you don't have an option to "cheat" and play the game without challenge. =)

Q:    The dot in the FF7 logo. What IS it? That little dot floating above the meteor, you know. I've heard alot of zany theories about it (it's the black materia, its the meteor and the meteor is actually the earth with lifestream being sucked out of it, etc) but I must know the truth! Please!

BG: To me, that little dot looks like it might be Aeris' white materia. After all, didn't the white materia team up with meteor to...well, you know. (Don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't played yet!). Another possibility is that it's just a bit of the trailing dust from Meteor. It's really hard to say...I'm not the guy who designed the logo. =)

Q: What they are yelling for their spells from what I could understand was Japanese. Though I'm VERY far from fluent (I gave up learning Japanese 'cause that damn teacher gave me a B+ when she and I both know I earned an A. It broke my 4.0 I had going too...), I still know most of the basics. An example of a spell name they are yelling out is when you cast healing with Ryu. He says in his high pitched voice, "Hiringu" which in katakana, can be broken down to Hi ri n gu which is pronounced roughly the same as Healing.
   My 2 cents on the matter,

BG: Ah, cool. Thanks for sharing that. (This is in reference to yesterday's Breath of Fire III question asking what the characters are yelling when they cast spells.)

Q: Bryan,
   Coca Cola, or Pepsi Cola - what, in your opinion, reigns supreme as the softdrink king? (Or queen, depending on what gender you belive soft drinks belong to. I'm sticking with male.) I'd go with Coke, but Mountain Dew is probably my favorite carbonated beverage. Whatever it's supposed to affect, as far as I can tell, is just fine.
   Post your picture, bud - I want to know what the man I worship looks like. =)

BG: Bryan? You worship me, and you don't even know how to spell my name? I thought worshiping involved devoutely following your idol and knowing all there is to know about him? =)
   Anyway, I think I should tell you something shocking. I...don't like soft drinks. I never have, and I don't think I ever will. I don't drink them. I feel outcast in society sometimes, like I don't really belong, but with your support ...I think I can make it.
   Hmm, yeah, we should get some pictures up, just so you guys can take them and put our heads on pictures of Bill Gates or anime characters or some other incredibly witty representation. You wacky readers always do that.

Q: Final Fantasy seems to be becoming the home of various weather names! I mean, FF7 has Cloud, FF8 has Squall, what's next? Is Squall going to have a little sister named Gale? (groan). Or are they going to have to fight the League of Fears? Like Atmos Fear, or Tropos Fear, or Stratus Fear, or Thermos Fear, or..... (gets pelted by various produce, footwear, and potted plants). (sorry, couldn't help myself).

BG: Yes, and I'm now officially announcing to the gaming public that Square's future title, Final Fantasy 9, will have a main character by the name of "Jet Stream".

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