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   Andrew Kaufmann's hit a bit of bad luck, unfortunately. His computer's power supply was fried by a power outage, so I'll be hosting the Q&AK for a couple of days. For now, please email questions directly to me.

Q: what do they mean "in the pipeline?" and write a nicer review of BoF3!
   -pen pen

BG: For those that haven't noticed, pen pen is referring to the news story confirming Suikoden II for a North American release. pen pen, when they say "in the pipeline," they mean that it's in that little pipe that they send games through across the ocean from Japan to the United States. Basically, they're planning to translate it and release it here. It's just corporate lingo.
   You want me to lie and change my review? I can't do that to you guys! I'm dedicated to forc--err, sharing my most humble opinion with the readers.

Q: Just one quick question:
   Why doesn't RPGamer have MP3s?

BG: We don't have MP3s because the distribution of copyrighted material is horribly and terrifyingly illegal. As our FAQ states, the life outside of a jail cell suits us just fine.

Q: And so it was written in the Book of Biglick 5:12-13 (It's at the back of the Bible, I swear!) 12 And the mighty sex god AndrewK's machine of power shalt bite the dust ... 13 And the glorious messiah (in other words, Brian) shall reign supreme over the Heaven of the Earth (in others words, Q&AK) ... It has been prophesied our great messiah Big Lick Brian would rise again from AndrewK's takeback! We stand behind you brother Big Lick, go forward to your rightful throne at RPGamer! Head of the Church of Big Lick,

BG: Ha ha...Takuhi, your zany antics never fail to amuse and amaze me. Now please, stay far, far away from my house. The last time you spray-painted a giant tongue on my garage, the neighbors started to look at me funny.

Q: Dear Brian Glick, I was wondering if you could find out if the game "Evo" for super nintendo was an rpg or not. I remember it having an rpgish aura to it. It would really, really mean alot if you could find this out for me.
   Sincerely, Patrick

BG: Nope, sorry. E.V.O. was not an RPG, it was more of an adventure/action type of game, with points and levels. You were able to make some options as to how you "evolved", but that's about as far as the role-playing aspects of the game went.

Q: Pity a poor uni-lingual player. What are the characters in Breath of Fire 3 yelling during their attacks and spells? (Besides "Ki-yah!" and "Ugh!" :P) Most of them sound like the spell's name.
   -Presir :)
   (Who likes curly hair. ;))

BG: I'm uni-lingual, too! Well, not really; I know French as well. But I don't know too much Japanese.
   Anyway, I'm not too sure what they're yelling in the game. I'd imagine that it is the spell name, and it certainly is a cool feature while you're playing. Anyone care to confirm this for me?
   You like curly hair? Well, you can't have mine! I like it just where it is. (...That's what you meant by that comment, right?)

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