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Well waddaya know! It's me again, AndrewK! Back taking care of my own column again, and stuff. Everyone party down or go mourn the loss of Brian as your answer-man, depending on your style. At any rate, take note of a couple of little changes: Q&AK questions now go to q&, and I've added a "In the PSX section." For the handful of you that actually care, it's the game I've been playing most of late, on the rare occassions I've got some bonus time to play around with.

And of course, many thanks to Big Bad Brian Big Lick Glick for keeping the seat warm while I goofed off. Of course, I'm still kind of upset that check bounced, I was enjoying the high amounts of adoration and praise. Oh well!

Q: I just started playing FF4 (US version, so I'll call it FF2) yesterday. I've already made Cecil a Paladin and I was wondering. What does the Cover command do? I can't seem to figure it out. Please help me! It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
-Chinju =:>

AK: It's a kinda lame special ability. If another character is low on HP, Cecil will run over and "cover" them, taking the blow for the other character. I personally think a good use of a Cure2 is just as effective.

FF7 spoiler! Yes, it's the spoiler! I bet you know about it already, but just in case, I'll label it anyway!

Q: Is there a way to get Aeris back on the second disk? Are there any other hidden charecters besides Yuffie and Vincent?

AK: To quote the neighbor on the old TV show "Small Wonder," no nuh-nun no no-no. Aeris ain't coming back, and Vincent and Yuffie are it. No special super-secret hidden stuff.

Q: I recently noticed that one of your scrolling advertisements at the bottom of the screen was for RPGamer itself. What is the point to this? Does any visitor to RPGamer need to be reminded that this is the best RPG site on the web by some advertisement? Isn't the logo in the upper left hand corner reminder enough?

AK: Well, the advertisement banner is a sophisticated program running at IGN. Either an ad or an "in house" banner comes up. If an "in house" ad comes up, a random banner from various IGN sites will come up. Included in that pool of random banners is RPGamer's banner, thus it can pop up on RPGamer.

Q: People keep saying FF5 is comeing to the US in the form of a pc game. Since I have no idea who is correct and I haven't see any official press releases I'm kinda doubtful. do you know who is correct? Brian White

AK: It's coming from Eidos. No release date has been set, but it is coming. My guess is to look for it sometime near Christmas (but that's just a guess).

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