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Hey dudes and dudettes out there, I'm back from another unannounced hiatus. I seem to go on them too often, eh? Just goes to prove that I am, indeed, a lazy bum.

Q: AK, the inevitable furor over FFVIII's main character's name has already begun. "What the hell kind of a name is Squall?" cry the masses. Cecil Harvey was a wimpish name, Cloud a bit odd but cool after a time. But Squall?
Well, worry no longer. Inside sources have informed me of an impending change, or rather, impending correction. You see, romanization of Japanese names is open to interpretation. You'll recall that Cloud's original name was Claud. Well, Squall's name in katakana is "Sukooru." While Squall is a possible romanization, the one the writers actually had in mind was "Score." Think about it. Tetsuya Nomura has already stated that the main theme of FF8 is love. The logo even depicts a woman embracing our hero. The name "Score" slides into this jigsaw puzzle rather nicely. It's simply a nickname he's picked up, given his track record with the ladies. A Square employee, on the basis of anonymity, agreed to let me in on his real name: Thaddeus.
Oh yeah, I have to ask a question, don't I. Well, this has been bugging me for a while. If 42 is the key to everything, then is there a -42 floating around in some parallel universe? If so, would a collision between the two just wipe out everything in existence? And if so to that, then have we merely been astronomically lucky up to this point that no one has happened to calculate 42 + (-42) yet in the history of mankind?
- profound informant tom

AK: tom, you're deep. That's an intensely interesting theory. We can only it's true, and not the rumors I hear Squall is going to be changed to "Skull" for the U.S. Sounds like something out of He-Man. And that whole 42 thing started bringing in math, which I can't deal with at 1:45 A.M. Come to think of it, I can't deal with math at 1:45 P.M., either.

Q: I was browsing through the new FF8 artwork when I came across the drawing of Laguna Loire. I thought to myself, "That sounds like an awfully feminine name for a man," and made this comment on IRC as well. Obviously, I thought it was a man, but several people then said that it's supposed to be a woman! Every examination of the picture only affirmed that it's a man in my mind. Especially the drawing on the right: look at the nose, those squinty eyes, and the kicker: those funky sideburns! So please settle the debate, if you have any information to clear up the gender-confusion of one of FF8's main characters, let us know! :)

AK: I personally think Laguna is indeed a male, but I'm not SURE of it. I would love to find some proof of his/her sex. For now, let's assume he's a sort of feminine looking man. Keep reading for more on Laguna...

Q: While looking at the art for Laguna Loire the face looked familar. Take a look...doesnt it look like Sandra Bullock?

AK: Greg, that's brilliant, man. I looked at Laguna and said, something isn't right here, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. This clears it up totally. Thanks buddy.

Greg's Sandra/FF8 compilation
Another version, made by a friend when I pointed out Greg's discovery to him

Q: Andy, What do you think of the decision by Square to have the next Final Fantasy be high-tech again?

AK: I personally much prefer a less high-tech atmosphere. But don't misconstrue this into me saying that FF8 will suck! I think FF8 will be great, we have no reason to expect anything other than greatness from Square. But I personally am a big fan of dragons and knights and swords and sorcery, and my personal preferences lean me toward preferring that kind of action out of my RPGs. In my book, there's nothing WRONG with high-tech, I just prefer lower technology.

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