The FF8 logo debate ends, but speculation continues  
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Well, as many many many many many many many many many many people have pointed out, there's now a nice, big FFVIII logo that takes away any uncertainty as to what the logo is. The uncertainty remains over what it means, however. That Square press conference looms...

Q: told you that Lufia 3 was coming out for the PSX... anyway do you have any info as to if there will be any censorship when SquareEA brings Parasite Eve and Xenogears over i heard thers some controversal material in these.. MetNut96

AK: Yeah, you got us man. Anyway, I called Square's PR person about a week ago, and she said there had been no decision made on making the games less controversial.

Q: Is that Tifa in the FF8 logo?!?

AK: Odds are about 1 in 9,000,000 that it's Tifa. I wouldn't bet on those odds.

Q: The woman in theFinal Fantasy 8 logo looks almost exactly like Aeris Gainsborough so maybe, FF8 will continue FF7. Also I have a fanfic about this logo, it could be the mother of another Sephiroth clone. In FF7 im pretty sure there were more than two Seppy clones created.

AK: ... see above.

Q: I've heard it on the grapevine that Square has finally wised up and decided to begin the translation of FFVIII parallel to development of said game... is this true?

AK: That was actually the original plan with Parasite Eve, have it be the first simultaneous release Square has done. Those plans have obviously been cancelled, but maybe we'll see it with FF8? I sure hope so!

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