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Yeah, it was me that wrote the article about the Final Fantasy VIII logo, saying it was "unclear" as to what it was. A lot of you all have sent in mail questioning my eyesight, saying it's obviously this or that. Now, to post some of those mails. This should serve as pretty good proof that the logo is indeed a bit unclear. Check it out.

--It's not unclear what that logo is... it's a woman holding a child. Or not.

--The FFVIII logo looks suspiciously like a Phoenix, n'est-ce pas? Betcha two hundred gil the Aeris resurrection rumors, umm, resurrect.

--I don't know.. maybe its me.. but it seems _very_ clear that the logo is of a guy holding a woman in his arms..
I think the guy has a braid (like Edgar), the girl is wearing a dress, with her hair slightly aloft.
But the picture _is_ kind of small.. I suppose its faintly possible that it could be a mother chocobo or something..
As for speculation, I'm vaguely reminded of FFIV.. Rosa and Cecil being together and all. Maybe this one harkens back to that sort of an RPG.. where there is a more distinct feeling of love between two leading characters.. and not so much dark stuff. Eh.. we can only wonder. :)
---TorgVega Q, unclear as to why the logo is unclear..

--I red the news article that contained the picture of the FF8 logo. In it it said, " It's unclear exactly what the logo is, but hopefully Square will give the eager public some kind of explanation on Friday". I would just like to say in the nicest way...are you people blind. Take a close look at it. It appears that it is a guy holding a women or carrying a women. That should clear up some of the confusion I hope.
P.S. I just hope I'm right :?

--Is it just me or is that FF8 logo curiously reminiscient of a ONE WINGED ANGEL????
-your good friend Aloysius Germataschaftlen

--Well, you say speculate and so we speculate. I'm not too sure, but doesn't the FF8 logo look something like a man (right) holding or embracing a woman or child (left)?

AK here again. Now, it's obvious the most popular theory is a man embracing a woman, and that's what I think it is, too. But I wouldn't say it's clear. Let's hope sheds some light on this soon!

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