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I'm letting this week's poll run over a bit, so more people can vote. I'd like to send the results to Square, but the more votes the better, so tell all your friends that haven't voted yet to be sure to vote!

Q: In your Breath of Fire 3 area, it says the release date is 5-14-1998. That's in 3 days. Is this information correct, or just a guess. Personally, I'd rather NOT have to wait another month for this game.

AK: That's the date Capcom has sent to stores that it will be shipped. Let's hope it won't be delayed again.

Q: WHY AIN'T YOU UPDATING??????????????????????????????
-concerened reader

Hey, don't worry about me baby. I've just been busy, had stuff happen, did stuff, that kind of thing. I'm back now, though.

Q: in the last Q&AK, someone wrote about a book called "A mother for choco" which was possibly where Square got the idea for their infamous chocobo. well attached to this e-mail is a picture of the cover so all of you can see what the "old" version looks like. if you want to actually order the book, go to
thanks, hope this finally gets me on Q&AK
Daniel Hill aka EdGeX

AK: Hey, you got it man. Here's the cover:

... and from Alexander Yoshi:

In Traditional Japanese Mythology, the Origin of the Japanese said that they are chilredren of a goddess who was the left eye of the "Creator" God. She gave birth to Nihon(Japan) and blah blah blah, you get the idea. Anyways, According to their Mythology The First Japanese Emperor became so through the help of a Brilliant Great Bird. This doesn't have much to do with the name "Chokobo"(Nihongo Spelling), but the Origin of a Helpful Birds may begin from that tale.

Q: I don't own a PSX or an N64. I am into RPGs alot, and don't know what I should do about all of this. I am thinking that it is better to have a good PC because all the good games are going to be ported anyhow. What is your view on it?
Zachary Keller

AK: Well, there's plenty of things to do with a powerful computer besides play games, so if you can afford it, sure, go for it. As for RPGs, you just never know what Square is going to do, because they basically never tell us. But hopefully the SquareEA thing will bring us more PC games.

Panzer stuff continues to come in, and I've finally gotten to play the game some. More on it will be coming soon.

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