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Q: Hallo!
Well, here's something you might consider about the origin of the name and concept of the Chocobo.
I'm an aide at the local public library, and as I was shelving books earlier today one of them caught my eye. It's for young children and it's called "A Mother for Choco" by Keiko Kusza. In the publication information it says that the English version was published in 1992 but an earlier version was published in Japan in 1982. Choco, the protagonist of the story, is a plump little yellow bird who could perhaps pass for a Chocobo (at least, much more than those strange ugly Chocobos in the FF Anime).
Either this is just an odd coincidence, or there's something about Japan's culture that causes them to identify yellow birds with "Choco." Any ideas?
--Shih Tzu

AK: Hey, sounds good to me. Anyone got any contradicting info?

Q: I've always loved video games, but I didn't really become 'hardcore' until recently. Now, I'm watching the Saturn slowly choke out of existance, and I'm wondering... I've heard a whole lot about cool RPGs and other games for the Saturn, but mainly about the RPGs (especially this "Panzer Dragon" recently released). I'm forced to ask: did I miss out on something truely cool here? What was your opinion on the Saturn RPGs, and of the system in general? Most importantly, if it was very cool, is it too late to jump on the sinking ship and enjoy its remains?

AK: To be honest man, I don't know much about the Saturn myself. I know Dragon Force is supposed to be good, as well as the Phantasy Star, Lunar, and Ys series. I'm not sure which are for the Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, or Saturn, though. It's never to late to jump on the ship, though. You can find a Saturn pretty cheap ($50 to $80 probably), and games are cheap, too.

Q: Hey KA! =) I'm just wondering what the hippest dude himself thinks about those hip new iMac computers from Apple. ( And, probably the more important question: Boxers, or briefs? -"napuK"

AK: Hey, long time no talk buddy! Man, I'm not THAT hip... except when I'm wearing my bellbottoms and sequins. But let's not get started on that. Those iMACs have a cool looking shell, but how are the insides? And more importantly, how is the development support? Macintoshes are like Beta VCRs if you ask me... could darn well be the better peice of equipment, but equipment without support just isn't any fun.
   As for boxers or briefs: the boxers or briefs question is a very simplified version of a much more in depth issue. My watered down answer: for everyday comfort, boxers. For activities such as basketball, definetely briefs.

Meanwhile, thoughts on Panzer Dragoon Saga are starting to flow in. Thanks to the allpowerful and majestic Andrew Vestal, I'll have a copy in a few days (his copy on loan). If you've got it, let me know what you think!

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