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Q: Hey AK, I can only afford to buy one game this month and I can't decided between Breath of Fire 3 and Tactics Ogre. I really enjoyed the other BoF's but I also liked Final Fantasy Tactics. Which would you buy?

AK: Harka, that's a good question. A question I often ask myself. I've heard very little about Tactics Ogre, except that it's supposed to be quite good. That makes me excited. But at the same time, Breath of Fire III looks great. My temporary solution is to dig out all the extra change from underneath the couch and try to buy both. Has anyone out there played the Japanese Tactics Ogre, and can offer a review of sorts?

Q: Yo AK! What's up! I like your comentary! Anyway, in this poll here, what is the game you would like EA to translate that hasn't been yet? Just curious.

AK: Hey Fish buddy, 'sup? My vote this week went to Seiken Densetsu 3. Just too cool looking a game to pass up. Even though those older Final Fantasys are so tempting...

Q: The VG CD you were trying to remember the title of is Orchestral Game Concert 4, whose final track is the 23:04 "Maria and Draku: the Dream Oath."

AK: Ah yes, that sounds right. Thanks man.

Q: What game do you think has the best ending? Lately, I have played through many games and found some of them had really disappointing endings (like Secret of Mana). Please tell me some with really great endings so I won't have this problem again.

AK: My personal favorite endings belong to Final Fantasy IV (2 US) and Wild ARMs.

Q: Hey AK, what noises does Pac Man make?

AK: For the answer to this, I consulted an anonymous yet renowned (there's an oxymoron) Pac Man expert. His reply: "A-ho a-ho a-ho a-ho. Then he gets a power pellet and goes wabawabawabawabawabawaba." You heard it here first.

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