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Q: First of all: ganbare yo! IMHO Q&AK rocks!
2.One thing the Sephiroth page failed to mention (or maybe it was mentioned and I just couldn't find it) is that "sephiroth" means "glowing sapphires" in, I think, Hebrew. Like, the Tree of Sephiroth is made up of ten sephiroths or glowing sapphires. (somehow talking about this made me think of sephiroth-growing trees, much the same as apple trees or banana trees. ^-^;; Then the world will run amok with sephys. Whaddya think of that?)
3. Who's your fav FF male and female characters?
4. Why is abbreviation such a long word?
5. Umm....i had a really really cool question, i just happened to forget it. Oh well. So I plug in: which version of Terra's theme and Celes's opera theme do you like the best? (originally: what do you think of the "real" opera Aria in the CD Grand Finale?)

AK: First, thanks a lot for the praise. I'm just a total glutton for compliments.
2) Cool.
3) Locke and Rosa.
4) It's probably based on Latin. I don't know latin, but "breve" (a short word) means "short" in Spanish. Then you stick on the "a" prefix and "iate" suffix, and suddenly the word has gotten big and long.
5) I like the game version better than the Grand Finale version, but I like this really cool version mentioned a while back from a Video Game Concert CD (that's not the exact title, I wish I knew the exact title). It's way cool dude.

Q: Do you guys have an updated release date for Einhander yet? Your sight still says 5/98.

AK: Nice timing on that question, Paul. Electronic Boutique says it shipped today and will be in stores tomorrow.

Q: I'm a little new to HTML, how do make an image WITH a link? the RPGamer logo links to the main page if you click on it. Help would be greatly appreciated, I found a few HTML docs and they don't have this's my birthday me please...I'm building a website.

AK: Hey man, happy birthday. Hope you get lots of spankings in celebration of it, or maybe just a bunch of cool gifts, whichever is more your style. Making an image with a link is easy as pie, just do something like this:

<a href="link.html"><img src="coolgraphic.jpg"></a>

Ba doom ching! Link on a picture.

Q: Hey AK, what'd you think FFIV/FF2's theme was? I always thought of FF3's as being "magic, and I know FFVII's was "life", but I can't think of anything that'd suit FF2. Any guesses?

AK: I'd say it's to recognize who you are, and not be influenced by others in your personality. Be yourself, not who someone else wants you to be. I think another theme would be to never give up: no matter how bleak it may look, believe in yourself, believe in your friends, and believe in your personal God and you'll get through it.

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