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Q: I'm playing FF1 and I just got the first orb, and I am supposed to go to Crescent Lake, but I can't find it. Tell me, where the hell is this thing!

AK: Dude, it's been a long time, but if my memory isn't failing me, you get in your ship and you sail for a long time. To be more specific, I think you sail west from Coneria, then dock on the eastern shore of this big ole continent thing and go west until you get to this big ole crescent shaped lake.

Q: Ok random Questions:

AK: ... that was deep.

Q: 1) Please settle this argument for me... I know that there is no CT2 in development for any system. but I've heard a lot about a game called CT2: time Slip was in development for PSx and was then cancelled. Is there any truth to this? 2) Is there any news about the plotline of FF8? i've heard rumors (almost 100% positive untrue) that it will keep the same charectars from ff7? any answers you can give will be a huge help...

AK: 1) Chrono Trigger has had a million rumors swirl around it, but nothing has come out of any of them. I'd never heard of one called "Time Slip."
2) Those rumors are just that, rumors. Some of the FFVIII rumors have some basis in fact, others were just pulled out of thin air. Nothing's come out about the plot that anyone can call definite, just rumors that are attributed to no one, leading me to believe they were fabricated by someone who was bored.

Q: I just wish to tell you that I know that Final Fantasy Legend's, for gameboy, rerelease date is May 18 (at least at electronics boutique it is).And Final Fantasy Adventure's rerelease date is a few days later than FFL. I just thought you would like to know if you didn't already.

AK: Cool.

Q: 1)I know Eidos said that they will fix the grammar/spelling problems when they port FF7 to PC. But will the PC version have the correct spelling for words unique to FF7 such as the names of people, monsters, items, towns, etc? I haven't played the game yet so I don't know how bad the spelling was on the PSX version.
2)In your opinion, has the quality of Square's translations deteriorated over the past few years? If so, why? I've been hearing that FF7's translation is worse than previous FF games.

AK: 1) They said they'd correct errors, so, maybe. We'll find out when the game is released.
2) That's a misconception. While Square translations are a much maligned subject, the fact is they have improved over the years. If you don't believe me, go back and play Final Fantasy IV (FF2 U.S.). If you don't like bad translations, you'll cringe.

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