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Q: Hey AK, how's it going? I have a question about FF7. In the ancient city, when you enter some of the houses, they have these little green windows, that to me looks like a lifestream aquarium of some sort. When searched, Cloud makes says something like "Hmm... Nothing." What is the point of this?

AK: Hey my baaaad bud (haha, clever pun, eh? (inside joke, you won't get it)). Anyway, that's a good question. Those things were cool, I wondered about them too. Maybe they were just there to show the Ancients' lifestyle? If any of you all know of their real or tangible purpose, let me know.

Q: Ok, I learn that Breath of Fire III is delayed another two weeks, and I scream at my computer monitor. I mean, Capcom's teased us plenty with this title, don't you think? Then it came to me in a flash: this isn't delaying, it's marketing! Capcom knows they can't hype this game up as much as Sony did for FFVII, so they're artificially creating a greater demand for BOF3 by dangling it in front of our noses until it's almost upon us, then yanking it away. We, being the gullable American market hungry for another high-quality RPG, get even hungrier for BOF3 because of these delays, so when they finally do release it we rush out to our nearest store and are so glad to see it on the shelves we buy two copies, "just in case".
Whaddya think, sirs?
Sydney Carton

AK: Oh, a fine theory. Who knows if it's true... but it's an interesting theory.

Q: I have a good scenario for you. Say a few years from now, Squaresoft completes its next Final Fantasy, 10 or 11 or something. This game is so cool it blows FFVII to hell, it must be 1,000,000 times better than anything this earth has ever seen. BUT, Square has turned into an evil corporate giant. You see, this game is released, and ONLY released on a new pay-per-view medium, which charges $3.00 an hour to play. (and there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to get around the fee.) This outrages many people, and they encourage everyone to boycott the new game to teach Square that they can't get away with this kind of crap. Now, the game will never be released on any medium other than the pay-per-view, no matter if the boycott is successful or not. SO my feathered friend, do you buy the game and possibly let Square (and others) to charge pay-per-view rates up the wazoo, or do you boycott it and miss out on the greatest game ever created? What do you do, what DO you do...

AK: At first read, I said to myself "Play the game! Play the game!" But after more thought, I came to the same conclusion. I have no morals. I have no scruples. If it's the best, I wanna play it baby.

Q: With everything going on between Square and EA, has there been any word about a possible American release of the new Front Mission games?

AK: Front Mission's name hasn't come up, but the possibility remains that some older titles will come out, which includes the Front Missions. Maybe we'll know more at E3.

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