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Q: after square and ea joined together, what will be significant different for square and ea future games? (FF8, Bushido Blade 2, sport games, etc) will their games be mixed? i mean, look at ergeiz, fighting game that combined with namco and square character( only cloud and tifa) will ea sport games have some extra from square? or will square games have some extra from ea? (i think FF8 will have more mini games, like soccer,basketball, racing, etc). also, what's the point of joining ea and square? is it for square games that couldn't be released in US? xenogear, bushido blade 2, etc)? thanks

AK: There won't be significant differences in the games. You might see small cameos, but if so, nothing major. The point of joining the companies is just for publishing, NOT development or translation. EA has a strong publishing presence in the U.S., and Square does in Japan. EA will benefit in Japan, Square in the U.S.

Q: Heya! Couple of questions to shoot at you:
1.) I've heard rumors from several friends that Squaresoft will be releasing one, or all, of the Seiken Densetsu series on the Nintendo 64. Is this true?
2.) I've ALSO heard rumors that Squaresoft is re-releasing the SaGa (or FFL) series in America. Can you confirm this?

AK: 1) Not in the least. Completely unsubstantiated rumors at this point. I'm not saying it's NOT going to happen, but as of now, there's been no indication that it will.
2) Sunsoft is re-releasing the FF Legends and FF Adventure on Gameboy, but no exact re-release date is given. Maybe it'll be on the new color Gameboy that Nintendo recently unveiled? Just a (wishful) thought.

Q: Hey Andrew, What's up? My question is what the hell is going on with BOF3? I just found out that it has been pushed back to May 14 instead of May 1. Is it because of the translation?

AK: I'm starting to worry a bit about Breath of Fire 3. It was originally scheduled for early this month, and twice it's been pushed back on the eve of its shipping. My understanding, from rumors, is that the game is 100% complete and ready to go, and the delays are a strategic move (what logic it's based on is anyone's guess). I heard rumblings last month it was going to be delayed until the fall... I dismissed them as bull, since the release date was so close, but now I wonder...

Q: Do you answer all questions sent to you? cause I sent a couple a week ago and I never saw it again.

AK: I answer as many as I can, but I get a bit backlogged sometimes. If I don't post your letter or reply, I'm sorry about that, but 24 hours really is too few for a day. I do guarantee I read every letter I receive, however.

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