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Q: What exactly does it mean that there is Square Electronic Arts? Wtf is that? Does that mean the 2 companies have merged into one big conglomerante? Or does that mean that Square makes the games, and Electronic Arts sells them to people in America? Does that meant that Electronic Arts makes the games? Does that mean that the people who made all the Final Fantasies and such get fired and fresh young Madden 2500 programmers get sent in? Or does no one even know? Cause I hate sports and I don't want to see a bunch of weirdos take over the job that only one company can do right?

AK: OKay, let's see if I can help you make sense of this. First off, it's not a conglomeration of the two companies. Square is still Square, and EA is still EA. Square will make their RPGs, EA will make their sports games. Their development teams will not cross paths. Now here's the kicker: Square and EA have formed two separate companies, Square Electronic Arts and Electronic Arts Square. What this means, using the clear and lucid format used by PSMonline:
In the U.S.: Square Electronic Arts, made of both Square and Electronic Arts employees, will translate, publish and distribute Square's games to North America.
In Japan:: Electronic Arts Square will distribute and publish EA's games, such as their sports games, to the Japanese market. It's the inverse of Square Electronic Arts.
Basically, this is both companies and both countries getting a huge boost. EA has a strong publishing presence in the U.S., and Square has a strong one in Japan. EA will benefit in Japan, Square will benefit in the U.S.
Any questions?

Q: Good evening (or whatever it is over there), AK!
Now that EA and Square have teamed up, what are the chances of a joint game venture happening? I'd really like to see a Final Fantasy: Privateer where you could build a team that could take on merc missions to get money. Or maybe put a Kilrathi into FF8. Or maybe instead of that stupid looking boxing game they had in the Gold Saucer in FF7 they'll get a real sports game going. Anyway, just want to see what your opinion is. And FF4j boss music is da bomb.
Aloysius Germateschaftlen

AK: Heya buddy! It's the early morning, late night, whatever you wanna call it. I do my best (or worst, depending on your perspective) at odd hours. Now, this is just my personal guess, but I don't think a joint game will happen. The combination as announced is strictly for publishing help, not game development. Square is good at what they do, and EA is good at what they do. I see no reason outside of the novelty factor to merge the two development teams.
On another note, I do some P.A. announcing for youth sports, and my lips started convulsing at the mere sight of that bizarre thing you call a name.

Q: (1) Which non-square RPG series do you think is best? (2) When do you plan to list dates past Apr. 17 in your Archives section? (3) I'm currently working on an E-mail. I require musical puns (like "Sorry to *treble* you") . Can you help me?

AK: 1) Tough call, but I'll go with Breath of Fire.
2) Um, right now! Check it out, all fixed up.
3) Not a lot of time to think about this, but off the top of my head: "That guitar is at the bass of all my problems" and "Take special note of that F sharp there."

Q: At the bottom of the RPGamer page is says "...praises, adorations, inspirations, commendations and cash donations are welcome." Has anyone offered a cash donation? I put a similar line on one of my pages, but no one has offered yet!!

AK: Haha. Never gotten a single offer of a cash donation, but we can continue to wish. We have gotten offers for hardware donations, however.

Q: Since nintendo will be releasing a cd rom for its 64, do you think the future of sony rpgs is in danger?

AK: Whoa, hold the phone big man! First off, the DD isn't a CD ROM, and it's been delayed indefinetely in Japan. Who knows when we'll see its release, if ever. Nintendo's next system, probably not to be released until after the year 2000, might be CD ROM based, but that's a good two years down the road. Until then, Nintendo has very little 3rd party support, and except for some rumors, no support from the RPG juggernaut, Square.

Q: It's o.k. for the person yesterday to be a fourteen year old boy. Not only is that sick but if you went any further with it, it'd be illegal. And you made fun of Vestal's Asian thing. Tsk Tsk.

AK: OKay okay! Enough of the pedophile jokes! My innocuous comment has been vastly misconstrued by all you sick-minded people out there. I meant, it's OK if he's a 14 year old boy, I'll talk anyway. The flirting won't go anywhere, but we can still be buds!

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