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Q: How good do think EA will do with the translations of the Square games its going to be releasing? Do you think they are going to be error ridden(like FF7) or perfect?
Joe Stec

AK: Well, it won't be EA doing the translating. It will be Square Electronic Arts, the new division. Thus it'll be a combination of both Square and EA. EA is best known for its sports games, so how they affect the translations will only be known when the games are released. Xenogears will be a good measuring stick, as it has enormous amounts of text.

Q: Will Cloud be a secret character in Madden 99? - Concerned Square Fan

AK: This is an interesting question. I posed this question to the mighty Brian Maniscalco, to which he wittily replied: "Rice crosses the 30, 20, OOH! Cleaved in half by Cloud's sword! That's gotta hurt!" San Fransisco haters rejoice.

Q: Why do SONY and SQUARE always release the great hits during school season. Being that we have the whole summer and SP break. Do they use this so that friends may spread the word?
What do you think of Virtola Fighter 3? ; )

AK: There are several reasons. First, there are some "hot" gaming seasons, namely the Christmas season. The spring is also a hot time, mainly because of the numerous gaming expos, such as E3 and the Tokyo Game Show. Another reason is just no planning, just getting the games out ASAP, and the date just falls during that month.
Also, Virtola Fighter 3 looks to be the surpise hit of the decade. I've heard rumors it might even have RPG aspects... I'll have to get with Jay Boor and see what we can get in there.

Q: I just tried out the demo disc for Einhander and I was blown away. The German overtones are apparent, but I did have one question: What does "Einhander" mean?

AK: One-handed.

Q: Hey AK, a witty and good-looking answer-man like you no doubt has a girlfriend, right? So an attractive, single female like myself might as well give up all hope of meeting you, right?

AK: Believe it or not (it's easier to believe if you've actually met me, though), I am single. Flattery gets you everywhere in life, by the way. So assuming you're legit, email back, baby! (I have a feeling you're actually a 14 year old male, but that's okay.)

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