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Q: AK, I read on your site that Parasite Eve is quite gory. Exactly HOW gory? I am looking forward to this game, and would like to know. Also, Can I still get a FF7 varsity jacket? Also, Where CAN I GET THOSE FF7 ACTION FIGURES???????? Even though I heard they're kinda flimsy, I would still love to get some.......

AK: From what I understand, it's got some seriously hideous looking rats. If rats scare you, stay away. I'm not sure about anything else, but my understanding is that it'll probably have an "M" label on it assuming it comes to the U.S. Sorry, I don't know where you can get a varsity jacket (I can see it now... "Hey baby, I was the starting quarterback on the FF7 team, wanna make out?"), but you can get the action figures in any toy store.

Q: Way to go putting up that Crystalis info! That game totally ruled and to this day is still better than most other games. I'm surprised how many people don't even know about it. I was extremely disappointed that no sequel was ever made. What ever happened to SNK? Did they go out of business, do they still make games?

AK: SNK went on to make the Neo Geo, which had some cool 2D fighters but was ridiculously expensive. They continue to make arcade games, again, mostly 2D fighters.

Q: where can i get a new playstation cheaper than 149.99? and when will it's price drop? what's the percentage of getting a broken or skipping playstation if i buy a used playstation?

AK: Odds of finding a new Playstation for under $150 are slim. There's no word when there will be a price drop. And as for percentages of skipping... good question, I don't know. (Mine skips, but then again, I got mine about two years ago.)

Q: 1.Is Square considering a U.S. release of FF5 on PSX?If they aren't I will just say that they are idiots for depriving us of this game AGAIN,thats if they aren't considering a U.S. release of FF5 on PSX.
2.Is there ANY chance of Square releasing Xenogear in the U.S.?I know you will probably give a "maybe,maybe not" answer

AK: 1) It is going to be coming on PC, but not on PSX.
2) Xenogears has a good chance of making it to the U.S., but that's based on popular speculation. There's been no official word from anyone on the subject.

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