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Q: Why does every Square game seem to have an item duplicating "trick"? Doesn't this mess up the challenge?

AK: There are a couple of possible reasons behind this. Many video game companies are against game "cheating" devices, such as the Game Genie and Game Shark. Including cheats within the game could reduce the popularity of such items. Another reason is that most people play through the game first, then find out about tricks such as those, at which point they're more or less harmless. Another popular theory is just that there are some bad coders here and there, and programming bug slips by.

Q: Is it true that a former high school classmate of yours was at a party when Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa Explains it All, Sabrina) walked in and they both got drunk and one thing led to another and they went off to a private room together and *eh he* if you know what I mean?

AK: It's true that such a rumor is circulating, but is most likely untrue. Melissa is attending New York University where she has a steady boyfriend, the 6'2" Mike.

Q: I heard AV has an Asian fetish. Is this true???

AK: For the answer to this question, I turn to the horse's mouth (but don't worry, he has much cleaner teeth) himself, Mr. Andrew Vestal!

AV: No, I do NOT have an Asian fetish.

However, when it was pointed out that his favorite FFVII character was Yuffie, he was dating an Asian girl, his last three crushes had been Asian girls, and that former girlfriends had in fact accused him of the exact same bias, he shouted, "You go away! You go away and you die!"

AV: I don't have an Asian fetish!! Wah.

Q: AK, what RPG are you personally looking forward to the most?

AK: Out of the ones coming in the near future, Breath of Fire III. Looking more on a long-term basis, Final Fantasy VIII, of course.

Q:just wanted to say that REM sucks hahhahhahahahahahaahahhahahahAHHAHAHahahamwahahaha

AK: Steve man, you're one crazed cookie. Have you been replacing your U2 CDs with George Michael again?

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