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Q: Andrew,
I just read the question in Q&AK about the antiderivative of csc(x).
Well, I have a BS in Math so here goes:
(1/2)ln[abs((cos(x) - 1)/(cos(x) + 1))] + C
I think that is right... The "abs" thing means absolute value.

AK: Help math help I'm melting...

Q: A couple of months back, I heard that a couple of the previous Final Fantasy titles were supposed to be translated and released for the PSX and the PC. Are these Japan-exclusive or will they be released sometime in the near future and we just haven't heard anything from Squaresoft's extremely static website?

AK: FF IV, V, and VI are coming to the Japanese Playstation (or have come), but not to America. FFV is coming to the PC here in America, but not until after FFVII is released on PC.

Q: Andy, do many people call you that? Anyway, Breath of Fire 3 was supposed to hit the stores around March, then it was moved back to April, i just want to know when exactly it is going to come out, i check the stores everyday

AK: Actually, more people call me Andy than Andrew. Either is great with me. I'm not fussy. Just bow down before me and I'm happy, you know? Just kidding, haha! Anyway, Breath of Fire III was supposed to come out already, but it's been moved back to May 1. Hopefully it won't be pushed back any more...

Q: How come we don't get to see Mog more often in the most recent final fantasies??? (FFT & FFVII)

AK: Well, FFT isn't really a true Final Fantasy, it's just carrying the name. And in FFVII, you had Cait Sith's doll thing, which looked like a moogle... an overgrown moogle, but a moogle nonetheless. And there's also the mini-game with Mog.

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