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Q: I have a bunch of random questions!
1) For FFT, if I have a low faith, does it mess up the magic I use of the enemies? What about calculator magic?
2) If I got rid of Mustadio early in the game, can I still recruit Cloud?
3) What is the antiderivative of csc x? I don't ask people for help of my homework often, especially over the internet.
4) Why is it so hard to proofread a game and get rid of the typos? If ordinary fans can find so many errors, than the translators certainly should see them!

AK: 1) Assuming I'm understanding your question okay, yes, it does affect magic you cast on enemies, regardless of type. Calculator spells are affected.
2) Nope.
3) Help! Math! I'm meeeeeeeeelting...
4) That's anyone's guess...

Q: 1) I have heard at least a hundred rumors concerning FFVI. I would just like to know how many(if any) are true. I have heard rumors about various "secret characters"(Leo, Cecil from FF4, Rydia from FF4, and Golbez from FF4).
2) I know what this site says, but I have heard from various other reliable sources that FF4 and FF5 PSX versions will come out in the US. Can you give me a definate answer on this?
3) Since this page now covers non-Square rpgs, will it cover table top rpgs such as AD&D, GURPS, and Vampire?

AK: 1) Sorry bud, none of those are even lightly based in reality. Totally 100% false.
2) No, they're not coming. But FFV IS coming on PC.
3) Nope... we'll stick to console video games.

Q: Ever notice that in Final Fantasy Tactics, whenever villains escape, they ALWAYS say something like "I will not die here!" or "I cannot die in a place like this!"? What is it about the indignity of dying in a particular location that offends and frightens these villains, and why can't Square think of a more creative reason to retreat from a battle? "Dang, you're ugly. Why would I want to stick around and look at YOUR face anymore? See ya!" or something like that? -CompulsiveCheater

AK: Maybe they all want to die in a really cool place, like a video arcade? Go down playing Donkey Kong! That's the way! I had a good feeling! And CompulsiveCheater, do you use a Game Genie/Game Shark? I bet you do!

Q: This person that's saying you can get Mog in FFT-what I'm guessing is that it's a hard-to-find monster that is actually a pig type thing but looks like Mog. It's called an Uribo, Wild Boar, or Porky.

AK: Sounds logical to me.

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