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Today's Q&AK features guest star.. BrianM! My FFVII memory has mostly left me, so I've turned to the masterful BSM for assistance. The first three questions are answered by him, the last ones by me, AndrewK.

Q: In FFVII, on the way to the underwater reactor in Junon right after the elevator,there is a dog blocking the door there seems to be no other way to go inside rather than the door that is being blocked by the dog. Is there another way or is it just there to annoy you?

BSM: You can only enter the path that the dog blocks if you fail in the submarine mission to retrieve the huge materia. It's pretty much just a failsafe; upon getting sunk, you can get a new sub and try again by entering the room the dog used to guard. (Isn't it funny that all these mini games have failsafes, such that even the most uncoordinated goober could get by eventually?)

Q: I haven't been able to get a reply from anyone about this, so I figured that I'd ask the great guru of RPG's: You answered the question on how to get Aeris' Limit 4 early in the game. But I have found time and again that there is no way to get into the cave with the sleeping man. There's a river blocking me, I can't breed chocobo's yet in disc 1, and the buggy is on a different continent so i also can't use it to cross the river. If i wait to get Great Gospel after disc 1, then Aeris will be dead and I can't see her Limit 4. HOW DO I GET INTO THAT CAVE IN DISC 1. HELP!!!!

BSM: You can transport the buggy across the ocean to the other continent, actually. Simply ride it into Costa Del Sol, then board the ship as per usual. You'll end up in Junon, buggy intact.

Q: In FF7, after you get back to Could's hometown, everyone says that he's lying. What exactly is going on here? The game never tells what happened. Where'd all the townspeople go?

BSM: Rather than spoil your gaming pleasure and tell you outright, I'll point you in the right direction: snoop around Tifa's desk... you never know what kind of documents people leave lying around.

Q: Yesterday I was in my local EB and saw two great RPGs. I saw Chrono Trigger (used) and Breath of Fire II (used). I bought Chrono Trigger. In your opinion, was that a smart choice? Or would you have bought Breath of Fire II?

AK: Chrono Trigger is a classic game, one of Square's best in my opinion. John Romero of Doom fame agrees. It's his favorite game and a mandatory play for the crew working on Anachronox. I've only played some of Breath of Fire II, so I can't comment too much on it. I think you were in a win-win situation.

Q: Where did the term Mysidia come from? Its used in FF2 and FF4 so I was wondering if it meant "town of magic" or something like that.

AK: My guess is it comes from the word "mystic." To quote our old buddy Webster, "having a hidden, secret, esoteric meaning."

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