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Clarification: on the Ahead on Our Way question, the author probably meant why the midi collection .zips have the file. The answer is that someone probably goofed. But it's a cool song, so just enjoy the bonus!

Q: I have not yet played Strategy/RPGs such as "Final Fantasy Tactics", and "Bahamut Lagoon." How are they any different from regular RPGs? what are their relationships?

AK: I don't know jack about Bahamut Lagoon, so I'll ignore that part of the question, and focus on FFT. The main differences between FFT and other FFs are: the battle system and the overworld system. The overworld is a Risk-esque type of world, where you move your party from point to point, not drifting around in a true world to explore. FFT has little to no exploration involved. The most important difference is course the battle systems. Tactics battles place you on a battle field with your party of 4-6 characters, and you have to move them around the field to gain strategic positioning over the enemies (in a turn based format). You can assign your characters different skills, so there's not only in battle strategy but between battle strategy. The key is making sure your party works as a team.

Q: quick question. In FF2, what does Tellah supposed to say when he says you spoony bard? This is a question that I have been trying to figure out for a long time.
PS Toad The Wet Sprocket is the best band ever, yes even over U2 and REM.

AK: I think spoony is just a direct translation of the Japanese, or maybe an insult that just the translator had heard of. In either case, I think the only thing we can agree on is that it's quite the powerful insult...
PS Toad is good, I like them. But REM is better lalala

Q: In "Weird Al" Yankovic's song, "Fat," did you know his shadow weighed 42 pounds? So is he part of the answer to the life, the universe, and everything?
Jeremy B

AK: Such a classic song too. I have no doubt that Weird Al and his awesome hair a key component to solving all of the universe's secrets.

Q: ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!! Why is it that moogles don't have any feet or knees?!?!?!?!?!

AK: Hey man, mellow out, don't shout. I've got an earache now. Moogles appear modeled after stuffed animals... ever see a stuffed animal with knees?

Q: Hey! What's with this crap! In the latest Q&AK, Kymion had the balls to ask MY question, AGAIN! (re: How do you pronounce RPGamer) Turn your attention to the March 18th edition of Q&AK where you'll find MY question that you already answered. Is the world comming to end? People are running out of questions to ask you!! And not ONLY did this guy ask my question, my cables out! No South Park for Johnny. =( GRRR!!!

AK: Whoa. More tension. You guys need to remember your sedatives! Anyway, I'm sure he had good intentions, and I'll probably answer it again before it's all said and done, because I have a bad memory (what question did I answer twice? I forget..) And don't worry, as my mailbox stuffed to the brim can assure you, people are having no shortage of questions. Now, remember to get a good night's rest, drink your milk, and take your Prozak.

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