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Q: 1. Why is there at least 1 version of the FFV theme "Ahead on our Way" in each midi collection from FFIV to FFVII?
2. I am doing a self-time project on the history of Final Fantasy and I am wondering, is it your opinion that the different FF games happen in different times, different dimensions of this same Earth (ref. April 5 when you said the Big Whale was in the Indian Ocean), or on different worlds entirely, because one CAN come up with probable reasons for all Three!

AK: 1) Each game between IV-VII has a song called that, don't they? Or are they like all the same song? I'm too lazy to look and find out, I'll just deal with the email flood.
2) Sorry to dissappoint, but Final Fantasy makers have said that each game stands alone and is unrelated to the other games. They said they don't like being restricted by what they've done in the past.

Q: you have a.....real......job? isn't this website a real job? what do you do at this real job, hmmm? now thats out of the way, i think y'all should get more FFT digital music, and i think your section should be bigger, is there a limit to the size of this portion of the page? well, thats all for now andy.

AK: Haha, this website takes the time of a real job, but doesn't have the stable income of a real job ;). I referee for a local YMCA 6 days a week, and help out with filing every so often (sometimes once a week, sometimes more) at an office. We have no space quotas per section (we are somewhat limited in total disk usage, though). But the reason you don't see more Final Fantasy Tactics music is simply because there haven't been that many submissions for it.

Q: Just to throw in my two cents "Laughter in the FF7 ending" topic, I don't think it's got anything to do with humanity at all. Cid talked about the planet being like a frightened child, and that's what I reckon the sound is - the laughter of the saved planet as opposed to the screams it was giving out earlier in the game.

AK: That wasn't a question! What's it doing under Q: ??

Q: Right around the beginning of April, a bunch of Rumors started springing up. A lot of my friends still believe them, despite my protests. So please, to the best of you knowledge, answer these questions. How many endings does Final Fantasy Tactics have? One of my friends assures me that you can beat the game in Chapter 3 with a 'happy' ending. I know that if you could, it would be all over the 'net by now. Also, a lot of people at my school are saying that Nintendo of America was bought up by Sony. Not only is this the stupidest rumor I've ever heard, but it's also the most widely believed at my school. Please clarify, oh wise AK.
Mr. Saturn

AK: First things first, I'm not THAT wise, I just pretend to be by having a Q&A section on a page. But it's a cool illusion, eh? Anyway, FF Tactics has one ending, no ifs ands or buts about it. Also, Nintendo is alive (and in their mind) well, no buyout.

Q: This question relates to FF Tactics... HOW DO I GET A DANCER/BARD?!?!?!?! I've been to 5 different FF Tactics web sites and they ALL HAVE DIFFERENT INFORMATION!!!! Please clear up this confusion once and for all! Thanks. :-)

AK: Dancer: Females only: Geomancer level 4, lancer level 4.
Bard: Males only: Summoner level 4, mediator level 4.

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