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Q: Why is Square makig Cloud into their mascott? Cloud is ok, but compared to some other FF characters, like Cecil and Edgar, he sucks.

AK: Simple: Cloud's new and he's hip. People like the hair, and FFVII is the latest thing, so he's the latest thing too.

Q: I have been extremely interested in Square products lately, particularly the FF7 action figures. Where could I get them?? I would love to have a few, if not just to whup the tar out of my brother's G.I. Joe's....kidding. ;)

AK: They've been released here in the states, so just toddle down to your local Toys R Us or other toy store (or give them a call, save yourself a drive just in case) and pick them up.

Q: Well, since this is Q&AK, I might as well ask a question: Why are names changed when video games are translated? Tina in Japan, Terra in America? I agree Terra sounds tons better, but why do they change em'? Just seems odd.

AK: There are often various reasons for name changes. First is just for Americanization. Also, names are sometimes shortened for memory purposes (Chrono turned to Crono). And other times they're just changed because the translators felt like changing them.

Q: 1)is it possible that nintendo and square could make a small agreement to rerelease ff2, ff3, secret of mana, and get seiken densetsu 3 translated 4 the SNES for a limited time (kinda missed out on buying them)? 2) is there something we could do to persuade them to do this? 3)do you like billy madison?

AK: 1) We all wish, but it'll never happen. Square feels it just wouldn't be profitable. 2) Probably not. 3) I haven't seen it, to be honest.

Q: Hey AK! What is up? Here are the questions. 1) Why do these retards call Aeris Aerith and Cloud Clod? There is a Proud Clod, but I have seen people call Cloud Clod! Someone is messed in the head. 2) What is your favorite movie? 3) How long did it take to get this site up to where it is right now?

AK: 1) Aeris was called Aerith in the Japanese version, so they're not dumb, man! But calling Cloud Clod? That one's a new one...
2) The Naked Gun.
3) Andrew Vestal started the UnOfficial Squaresoft Home Page in May of 1995. You do the math.

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