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Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry for no update yesterday, the server problems caught me off guard as well. The new poll will also go up tomorrow, instead of yesterday, as planned. Monday came server problems, and today I've been busy with interviewing people and doing other jobs (real world jobs, I'm afraid), so I've run a bit short on time. Sorry for the delay.

Q: In the Parasite Eve section of your website, the game is listed as having "multiple discs." In all the information which has just recently been posted, I have seen no indication to any amount. How many discs are really in the game?

AK: 42. Haha just kidding. Actually, there are two.

Q: Has Breath of Fire III been released yet? If yes, when was it released, and why couldn't I find it at Toys R Us? If no, then why do you have it listed in the "Breath of Fire" category instead of "Upcoming"?

AK: Oops, that was a misplacement. It should be under upcoming games. Its release date had been scheduled for the 14th but has been pushed back to the April 21.

Q: I knew this would happen. You take one day off, because it's Easter. And that's a legitimate reason. But now you all realize how good it feels to ignore the page. We may never see an RPGamer update again. And that would be bad.
You know what the problem with the Internet (and technology in general) is? Big corporations run everything. They have little interest in anything beside money. Therefore, nothing is designed so that users can enjoy it, even if they lie to us and say that it is. That's why I get so many busy signals. AT&T can afford to ignore the problem because everyone has the same problems. If the Internet was run by people who genuinely cared about its success (and believe that there are thousands of people willing to do that) then everything would be so much better. Don't you agree?

AK: Working sucks! Updating sucks! Sleep rocks the world baby! Woohoo!!! Just kidding. I had planned to update yesterday, but honestly the server problems just caught us all by surprise. As for corporations, yup, they rule the world. Money makes the world go round, as the saying goes. I think. But it's something that's not changing anytime soon, so we'd best get used to it.

Q: Hey AK,
Is RPGamer pronounced "RPG Gamer" or like "RPG Amer"?

AK: There's no official way to say it, but I personally say "Arr Pee Gamer" rather than "Arr Pee Jee Gamer." Whatever floats your boat man is fine with us.

Q: 1) Will FF5 come out for the computer properly, or will we be stuck with half illegal roms for the rest of our lives? 2) In FF3, why would the Empire need to use the Slave Crown on Terra if Gestahl raised her from a little bitsy thing? 3) I just recently found out about an Andy Kaufman that was a comedian (and was the subject of REM's 'Man on the Moon') but died a while back. Do you happen to be anywhere related to him? -Bryann

AK: 1) Current word is yes.
2) Hrms... maybe she was rebellious and was nice?
3) Haha.. I'm Kaufmann, not Kaufman, thus no relation. What's ironic is that Man on the Moon is my favorite song in the world, and not because my name is in the song. Of course, when it was new, everyone at school kept asking me "You're in a song by REM!" At the time I wasn't a fan though, and I missed all the chances to babble about my favorite subject. Life's not fair! ;)

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