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I'll be taking a brief break from Q&AK for tomorrow, Easter Sunday. I hope all of you that are celebrating tomorrow to have a good celebration, and those that aren't, to just have a good day!

From a vigilant reader:
"Today you wrote that you had never seen this Mog character in FFT, so you wouldn't know whether he was good or not. Well, I've seen him and I unwittingly got him in my party. Despite the what the person who asked the question was lead to believe, Mog sucks almost as much as the goblins. He pretty much dies in one shot, but his attacks are almost powerful."

Q: 1) Do you know how many endings Final fantasy Tactics has?
2) If more than one what are the ending qualifications??
3) Which REM album is you favorite? (life's rich pageant is my favorite)

AK: Both FFT and FF7 have just one ending, I'm afraid. It'd be nice if they had more than one though (seeing as how dissatisfaction with both endings is rampant, from what I've observed).
It's a tough call, but Automatic for the People is my favorite album. So many albums are a close second, though (including Lifes Rich).

Q: Ok, I know you have answered a ton of questions about ff7 music, but this one is different. I would like to know what the title of the song is that plays in the background for the preveiw of ff7 that is show on the Collectors Video. It is at the very start before the interviews where the are showing various snippets of gameplay and fmv. If you know I would also like to know what the name of the song is that plays during 2 of the commercials, the one where it says "The most anticipated epic adventure of the year ... will never come to a theatre near you!" and "They said it couldn't be done in a major motion picture ... they were right. ". You have both of them for download at your page. I really like that music, and would enjoy listening to it without the advertisment, and seeing as you are a square-answer man(of sorts =) ) I figured you might know, or know someone that knows. Thanks alot.

AK: As far as I know, both songs are untitled and unreleased. They are made by Uematsu, but just for the commercials.

Q: Hey man, I read something on PSM online about pics of FF VIII floating around the internet. Fact or fiction? Keiser_Soze

AK: As you're obviously a The Usual Suspects fan, you know that you have to be selective in what you believe. Yes, there are rumored pictures of FFVIII floating around. I know of two sets, and both popped up around April Fools Day. Draw your own conclusions.

Q: OK....the children laughing at the end of Final Fantasy VII. Is that kids laughing or is it kinda symbolic to the memory of humanity (did people die, or not?). I ask this as I watch Sephiroth sweep the votes for best villain.

AK: Hey, that's a great way of looking at it! I always just kinda thought it was trendy to put singing children in music these days, hearing it in Xenogears and Gotham City off the Batman and Robin soundtrack, to name a few. In FFVII, a lot of people did die, especially in the slum-filled Midgar. Yet as you stated, there are probably still kids having fun.

Q: Eidos Interactive is having a contest - Go to Good Prizes!
-Andrew Sund

AK: Thanks for the tip! I hope I win...

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