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Crystalis tip:
"i found out a way to "fly" above water when you first get the dolphin. i found it easiest to call the dolphin at the edge of the lower left corner of the house on a beach thing, when you first get the boat. he will come up. equip the rabbit boots. run at him, top down, and a little to the side. jump. get as far to the side as you can. if you do it right, you will jump over the dolphin, and hover above the water. it is tricky. you can skip the entire scene, and just go up north, past the waterfall. it is really hard to live, there, though.

Q: How do you use the Monster Training skill in FFT? I've equipped it in several battles and nothing happened.

AK: My sources tell me the select button is key.

Q: Where's the best place in FFVII to gain EXP and AP (with a golden chocobo).? Is there a place like in VI where you could just put on a couple certain relics and your levels go up extremely quickly (Doma w/ Exp. Egg and invisibility), or will I just have to run in circles in the forest near Mideel until I master all my materia?
-Keenan Crane

AK: The underwater submarine is good, as is the final cave.

Q: hey AK, how come in FF7's ending it show's Marlene in the small room with a window in the back of Kalm town, but if you go there she isn't there? Why isn't Aeris's mom with her in the ending like cait sith said she was? Chuck

AK: Uuh, she's hiding under a table, and her mom is out shopping for bottled water? Your guess is as good as mine, in all seriousness.

Q: Here's an excellent idea for Square: Have them stop selling SaGa Frontier tomorrow. Then, one week later, they'll release SaGa Frontier GOLD. It will be the exact same game, only with an instruction booklet that has some useful information contained in its pages. I think then people would think a lot higher of the game, as they'll have a clue what they're doing (I know I'd love/need it!). Whaddya think?
Sydney Carton

AK: Clever! And they can also add let you play as a boss character, and release SaGa Frontier Gold Turbo! Make a new box, and call it SaGa Frontier Gold Turbo Tournament Edition! But in all seriousness, Square would probably make some money on a strategy guide for the game. And they'd make a very nice P.R. move in oferring discounts to SaGa owners on future FF games, since just about every one I've talked to has been sorely dissappointed in the game.

Q: As much as Steve proved himself to be a moron, I do feel like I should say something about my favourite band in the whole wide world, Radiohead. I was kind of turned off by their first album (at first), and I didn't notice them again until the video for "Paranoid Android" went on MTV. It had me in a trance, and when the CD "OK Computer" came out I ran to the store and bought it. It's one of the best albums I'd ever heard. I later bought "The Bends," which is also very good. If anyone hasn't heard "OK Computer", they should at least give it a listen. I'm attempting to write a rational letter, so I won't get into my feelings about Oasis. :) Sorry about my rant, but I didn't want everyone to get the impression that all Radiohead fans are as incoherent as Steve.

AK: Steve tends to be emotional, sprouting off in numerous directions with rage and violence randomly. I hear he's forming an army... scary, eh? As for Radiohead... they just don't light my bulb. I've listened to the Bends (which I bought, then sold to Vestal, a Radiohead fan), and I've listened to his copy of OK Computer, so I've given them a fair chance. Just not my cup of tea. And while Oasis may not be musically epic or anything along those lines, I just have fun listening to their sounds, which is what music is all about, right man?

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