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Q: On your Final Fantasy Tactics page, I read a Job/Ability breakdown, and under the mediator it said something like "the only reason for mediators is if the incredibly powerful mog shows up in Sweegy Woods". I was amazed! Is this true? I'd check myself, but my Playstation is temporarily gone, so i thought I'd ask you. Also, when reading the Q&AK archives, somebody mentioned a Chrono Trigger ending where Crono talks. When do you defeat Lavos to do this? Thanks!

AK: Hrms. I've never gotten Mog there, I think it's a rumor. But I don't know that for sure. To get the Crono talking ending: win after Schala powers up the pendant but before she opens up the door in the next room. It's a really small time frame.

Q: 1) I've heard rumors that in FF3, you can get Fallen One as a Lore. Is that true?
2) Where exactly do I get another Atma Weapon/Ragnarok sword?
3) Can you speak Swahili?
-Xaq10r (Not my real name, of course, but it would be nice...)

AK: 1) Nope.
2) Ragnarok you can steal from the third level of the pre-boss thingie whose name escapes me. I think you can get another Atma Weapon, but I can't recall off the top of my head where. Check the various FF3(6j) FAQs. (P.S., it really makes my life easier when yall do that before emailing me. I'm not trying to pick on you Xaq10r).
3) I can say the word "Swahili," does that count?
... why would you want your name to Xaq10r? To really confuse substitute teachers when calling roll?

Q: At my high school, teachers use e-mail to communicate with each other from classroom to classroom on the same campus. Have you ever heard of anyone lazier than that?

AK: Don't worry, they did that where I went to school too. But to match or even top that, I would often send Vestal a private message on IRC telling him to call me, because I didn't feel like dialing his number.

Q: There's a lab under my school. The teachers wear keycards and people diappear for two day and come back acting strange. WHAT DO I DO?!!?!?!?

AK: Hey, just chill out and relax. This happens often, and everyone assumes the worst. What's happening is that they're having a wild party in the basement! Sneak in and join in on the fun!

Q: 1) Have you ever noticed that if you listen really closely to tracks 4-11 of the Final Fantasy 4j Original Soundtrack, you can here some kind of Japanese broadcast going on in the background? (It's a whole lot more noticeable with headphones.)
2) Here's a suggestion: Howsabout whenever you refer to the Japanese version of a Final Fantasy, you use roman numerals, and when you refer to the American version, you use Arabic numbers? i.e. Final Fantasy VI = Final Fantasy 3
3) I live in a cake.

AK: 1) Dude, I just turned up my stereo as loud, with earphones, as I can stand and I can't hear even a faint trace of a broadcast. Do you have the SM or NTT version of the soundtrack? Also, do you have a metal plate in your head? Or do are you often called "delusional?" 2) Good idea, if anyone would ever remember it. 3) See the second half of 1)

Q: Hey AK, I love your section. Check out what I found at
SQUARE is one of the most successful games developers in the world. Our "Final Fantasy" series of role playing games has sold over 10 million copies worldwide and the first title in the recently released "Chrono Trigger" series has rapidly reached sales of 2 million copies.
Hey, I'm no idiot, but what's this about "first title in the...Chrono Trigger series" I see? I'm not saying this means anything, but if there were no plans for a sequel, why would it be called a series...?

AK: I've noticed that myself, as have many other people who have emailed me. At first, it was very intriguing. But that blurb went up around a year ago, and as of now it's the only mention of Chrono Trigger II out there. Either it was a webmaster error or production of the game has been delayed/stopped.

Q: Why do your archives only go back to March 12, 1998? Were you born on that date?

AK: Yes.

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