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Q: There's something in FF7 that's been bugging know the Tupon summon? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Mr. Chupon from FF3/6? The guy you fight with on the airship along with Ultros? If so, why's his name Tupon? Or should Chupon be Tupon? Any help to clear up this confusion would be greatly appreciated.

AK: Tupon is most certainly Chupon. Square biffed the translation in one of them, or maybe even both.

Q: 2 Questions for ya: 1.) Ever notice that your section (Q&AK) kind of spells quak? 2.) What should I order at my local Chili's resteraunt?

AK: 1) Yes, I have. If I were a doctor, it would be really fitting, because I'm certainly a quack.
2) Do what I do wherever I go. Just ask for a burger and fries, no onions or tomatoes. I even do that at Chinese restaurants.

Q: Any idea why the game's called 'Chrono Trigger' when the Chrono Trigger is just a plot device to get Crono back? If the game's centered around Crono, why not call it 'Crono Trigger' or 'Lavos Quest' or something that sound similarly stupid? Or is it just because 'Chrono Trigger' sounds cool?

AK: Chrono was his name originally, but it lost the "r" due to problems with memory and the names. Chrono had six letters, while 5 appeared to be the limit. They could have changed the name, but that'd just look stupid... Crono Trigger? Nah. Chrono Trigger just sounds cool, man.

Q: I was wondering if you knew how I could obtain the final fantasy 4, 5, and 6 piano collection CD's. I heard it's extremely difficult, and the person suggested that I contact Square USA and see if they could maybe release it here (yeah right...) I was wondering if you knew how I could get them, or if you knew how I could E-mail Square USA.
There are a few things that squaresoft does that makes me think they are stupid fools. I can't understand why they didn't release FF2,FF3,and FF5 in the USA. Final Fantasy one was fairly popular so they would have made quite a bit of money from the deal. Also they are making a encyclpedia of ff1-7 that will contain much information such as item lists, weapon lists, storyline clarifications, and photos. Again, squaresoft refuses to release it in the USA. Again, they would make mucho mula. Why?!?!?!?!?!?

AK: The CDs are tough to find, but I've seen them available... you just have to get lucky. For Square USA's email, visit their website, As for not rereleasing the older games: technology has passed them by. For a game to be financially successful in this day and age, you can't try to appeal to just the diehards; only a game with wider appeal will be considered profitable. Square feels their time and money is better spent elsewhere. Do I agree? Not in the least, but that's the way it goes.

Q: First of all, I'd like to know why the heck some people make such a big deal out of female game characters such as Tifa and Lora (Lara?) from Tomb Raider. What the heck is with these people? Do they have lives? Or do they find something in polygons? Also, on game music soundtracks, do the songs just repeat two or three verses over and over? Because on most games, each song is just a few verses, again and again......And, finally, did anyone else notice that in Secret of Evermore, besides the appearance of Cecil from FF2, you could also see Mog, Terra, Relm, Strago, and possibly Celes? I saw the crew sitting in the stands at the arena where you fight the guy in the chariot! I'm not delusional, they are there. You should check! It's cool!

AK: Female characters like that are popular because... hrms, who knows. Maybe you should ask someone who is obsessed with them ;) THEY'RE JUST POLYBONS PEOPLE! Anyway, on most soundtracks, the song is played once, then repeated as in the game one time. There are exceptions, such as the FFIV soundtrack, where each song isn't repeated. And I'll take your word on the Evermore bit... I've never played it so I can't negate it.

Q: I beg to differ about your guess that the Big Whale is in the Indian Ocean. The map of FF4 is looslely based on Earth. In addition, they make references to Mars, Jupiter, and the Asteroid Belt. Recall that the Big Whale came out of the ocean near Mysidia, which would imply that it is somewhere in the Mediterranian Sea.
Now my question: Andrew Vestal and Andrew Kaufmann are in a bar and ask for a drink. The bartender refuses. WHAT IS THE REASON??? I'll send the answer in a few days if you don't figure it out.

AK: I had never seen that similarity, but I'll take your word for it because I don't feel like plugging my SNES in. And the bartender refuses... because I'm 19 and Vestal 18, we're underage!

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