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Want to know the specific stats about characters from FFIV? Check them out. Thanks to Jen Mukai for the goods.

Q: I'll get right down to business. 1.Where in hell can I find a copy of FF complete works? This web page is the only place it seems to exist within our known universe.
2.Besides game soundtracks, what kind of music do you like?(I'll hunt you down and disembowl you if you say Yanni).
3.I would like to personally thank all the TRUE Final Fantasy fans who made 6 win the poll and triumphed over the evil legions of "only played 7" zombies.
4.Chrono's muteness kicks ass and anyone who says otherwise is in the same category as the Yanni fans.

AK: 1. I honestly have no idea. If the gaming import stores don't have it, I'd check import bookstores (do import bookstores even exist?)
2. I worship R.E.M. on a level above everything else. On a tier below the masters of rock/folk rock, I like rock in general. In the CD changer these days is some Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, and Toad the Wet Sprocket (along with R.E.M., of course).
3. Hey, I know some die hard FFers that chose FFVII... to each his own! 4. Are you dissing Yanni? Yanni is da mottz.

Q: Hello there. I have a kind of important question for you. Why is it that The Final Fantasy chose Chocobo as the mascot. Another thing, did you notice that Chocobos look cuter in FF7 whereas they look fiercer in FFT?

AK: They chose the moogle more as a mascot than the chocobo, but the chocobo to a lesser extent. My guess is they thought it looked cool yet cute at the same time. FFT chocobos are often used in battle, maybe that's why. Or maybe it's a different gene pool.

Q: This isn't really a question, but more of a juicy tidbit for those Velvet Underground fans out there. In Final Fantasy 7, when the Weapons are loose and one is attacking Junion, as Tifa runs to the end of the cannon, the side of the cannon says "Sister Ray." It doesn't really make sense on it's own, but it's kind of an in joke for VU listeners, "Sister Ray" being the last song on "White Light White Heat".

AK: Way cool dude!

Q: Maybe I was in a daze, but I SWORE when I was playing Secret Of Mana Once, One of the Book Type Enemies flipped to a picture of a naked chick. It didn't show anything, but she was still in the nude. My question is. can anyone but me and my friend (He was playing it with me) confirm this? And how's it get past the sensors??? And Why Can't I get any Tang!

AK: I can! I've seen those do that regularly. A centerfold. My only guess how it got past Nintendo is that they didn't catch it.

Q: 'po AK,
I want a moogle stuffy! Where can I get a moogle stuffy? Please tell me where I can get a Mog-type stuffy... not Cait Sith. There's a SLURPEE in it for you :)

AK: 'po fuzzy!
A SLURPEE!! :D Wait, not another one of those pickle-Slurpee jobs, is it? >:( In all seriousness, a few (very few) import stores have had them in the past, but I imagine they sold them pretty fast (same thing goes for those of you asking about chocobo plush toys). I'd say your best bet is to find someone handy with a needle and thread and commission them to make one for you.

Q: What in the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're Q&AK archives are missing a few days. Crud, what a mess! I had a good feeling, but then you lost the archives, you spoony bard! Son of a submariner, this is what I think about the whole issue: @$#%^&^%$#%@#^&!

AK: Oops, sorry bud, didn't mean to dislodge the thinking portion or your brain. Anyway, to be honest, I sometimes just forget to update the archives page.

And now, for some talk about FFVII spoilers... read on at your own risk!

Q: I know you've heared this before, but here I go:
1) What exacally are the history and relationships between Cloud, Tifa and Zack?
2) What does Shinra want with Aeris?
3) Cloud says he wants to join SOLDIER. From what I've observed, SOLDIER members are thoes guys dressed in black robes in Niblheim. Cloud wants to join them?
Thanks for any help you can give me.

AK: OKay, here's the version we here at RPGamer came up with (this isn't just my recollection, we got the whole staff in on this one):
1)Cloud and Tifa grew up in the same town until Cloud left for Midgar to join SOLDIER. They were not the closest of friends, but Tifa was still sad to see Cloud leave. Cloud left for SOLDIER in order to impress Tifa. Zack was the person Cloud imagined himself to be in his early flashbacks. Cloud himself was just another foot soldier. Zack is mentioned: In flashback scene in the lifestream, the flashback scene in Nibelheim's mansion, his parents' house, and by Aeris in the Midgar playground (he was her bf) just before Aeris and Cloud notice Tifa being abducted by Don Corneo's caravan. Zack and Tifa meet in Nibelheim, but there is little interaction.

2) President Shinra and Rufus thinks Aeris will lead them to the Promised Land, but Hojo wants her for personal reasons. His reasons aren't clearly explained, it's possible they were muddled in the translation.

3) No, SOLDIER is the orginization that battles Cloud and co. when they attempt to destroy the Mako reactors. It doesn't make sense to us why he never joined them, if he is able to slaughter them with ease, but then we didn't write these plots...
The black robed people are Hojo's attempt at a follow up on his initial success, Sephiroth. The Jenova injections and overdose of mako left them walking vegetables for all intents and purposes. Cloud is seen in a similar state in the flashback at Nibelheim's mansion, but somehow recovered.

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