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Here's a Crystalis tip from an alert reader John Krametbauer, to quote Dave:
"I wanted to let you know the is a way on crystalis to have the final sword at level three strength. Have your sword, that you are using, set at level three. Before you step into the room to combine your swords, make sure you have what you need for the final battle equiped, such as a herb. Then get your swords combine and recieve your sword at level three."

Q: OK, here's my deal. Both the Chocobo Manifesto and the Final Fantasy VII Chocobo Guide on RPGamer strongly recommend that you race your chocobos to S Class before mating, so you can get a stronger baby chocobo. Now, I caught a Great Female, a Good Male, and a Wonderful Male, and I have given them all 90 Sylkis Greens each to max out their abilities. Stamina, Intellect, and Personality of the chocobos are near perfect (999 stamina for each), but their speeds are all horrible! The Great Female has 86, the Good Male, 96, and the Wonderful Male has 115. Even with 999 stamina, I am finding it impossible to win even A Class races (The wonderful male is now S class, but he's an inferior S Classer). What can I do? (Gee, this question's kind long, ain't it?)

AK: I consulted a few chocobo breeding experts, and they suggested trying to breed class A chocobos instead.

Q: When Cloud is lost and then you find him Mako poisoned, at one point in the game he says this:
"A billion mirror fragments......
singing coices.....
Pay particulat attention to the "zeno.....gias" part. what does that sound like? XENOGEARS !!! Now could this just be a reference to the game or maybe Square will bring it to the U.S. What do you think?

AK: Golly, I've never noticed that before. I seriously doubt it's a hint that it's coming to America, if anything it was just a hint of its existance.

Q: Where is Sony's headquarters located? According to EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) magazine, it's in Britain but a friend of mine insists that it's in Japan, do you know? Could you help me out here?

AK: I can't fathom why it'd be in Britain, and neither does my secret staff... I'd say Japan.

Q: Does E=MC^2 actually refer to Square? Was Einstien playing Final Fantasy and did he get confused? Is it really E=MC^42? Please help me understand!
-- Loopy

AK: Yes. He hopped a ride with Doc Brown (note the physical similarities too) from Back to the Future, came to the future, and came up with that formula. He also has FFVIII screen shots...

Q: hi i've got a quick question about ff2,
k, hmm i read somewhere that Ridia can learn like 4 different calling spells by fighting Bombs, Imps,......., and .........(forgot). Well it doesn't look like i'm getting them. hmm i have a couple ideas though.... do u have to fight a guy when u r about to get a level up? do u have to only kill all the guys with Ridia? do u have to cast call spells while fighting the guys? hmm i tried everything, i just don't know where else to turn exept u, u r my last hope :)

AK: You can learn Bomb, Imp, Dummy (was cocatrice), Mage (Or something from the mage class) and something from the jelly class (we don't remember exactly what). You learn them by randomly getting an item called, for instance, oImp after winning a battle. Use the item on Rydia, and she will learn the spell.

Q: Hey! Are you deaf or something? Were you just dropped on your head a lot as a child? Or are you just naturally stupid? Cause Oasis SUCKS! Listen to a real band like U2 or Radiohead. It will make you happy, and probably fix your spelling too!
- Steve
P.S. Did I mention you suck?
P.P.S. Oh yeah, I did! Hahahahahaha.

AK: Steve, Steve, Steve. Quit poofing up at every random opportunity man! Music is a personal thing, different bands turn on different people. Radiohead doesn't do it for me, and U2 is subpar to my ear with a few exceptions. And no, I wasn't dropped as a child. But I did like to bang my head into the floor. It really scared my mom. True story.

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