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Many of you have written in about the Cursed Ring in FF3 U.S. Dadgummit, I didn't make a mistake this time! I've played well over 255 battles with it on in my game, and I still have a Cursed Ring, not a Paladin's Ring or Hero Ring. I'll take yall's word for it though, and maybe in other versions of the game you can transform it into something else. For those of you that have done it, mail me:
1) Were you able to uncurse the ring?
   1a) If yes, what did you get, Paladin Ring or Hero Ring?
2) Assuming that you bought your FF3(6j) new, when did you purchase it? If you got it used, and you don't know when the original owner bought it, say so.

Also, many of you requested a full list of FF2(4j) full character names. I'll post said list tomorrow.

Q: What is the point of the tissues you get in the battle square in Final Fantasy 7? Is there any way you can use them, what do they do?

AK: They're what Tifa places in her brassiere to get that extra-full look. Haha. Just kidding. They have no real purpose.

Q: If square is being so tight lipped about VIII, then why don't we hire someone to attack thier company? -eres

AK: Then we'd never get FFVIII at all! Duh. That would thoroughly suck.

Q: 'Sup AK? I have a couple questions for you so here they are...
1. What do you think and the RPGAMER staff think the best Square game out yet is?
2. Is it just me or are we getting jyped? Half of the square games are only in Japan! The U.S probably has more buyers than Japan and we still are jyped. Japan- A couple of islands. US- Big country. See the difference? I dont think it is fair!

AK: 1. I, personally, think that Final Fantasy II is the best ever. I'll poll the others and see what they say.
2. Yes, the U.S. does get the short end of the gaming stick, but it's to be expected. Square games simply sell better in Japan, as a large portion of the U.S. audience falls into the Doom/Quake loving or Street Fighter/Tekken adoring. RPGs have a much smaller share of the market, as well as smaller pure sales numbers. It's all about money.

Q: In the FF2 FAQ it says you can fight the pink puffs to get PINK which will give you the admant armor. I have already fought with these guys and haven't received pink yet..
I was just wondering if the admant armor is the best armor or should i not be wasting my time trying to get it please respond at thank you very much
P.S. i really enjoy the page

AK: Hey man, I'm glad you enjoy the page. We work hard on it. Anyway, you have, as I recall, a one in 60 chance of fighting a pink puff, then, assuming you beat them, you have another one in 60 chance of getting the pink tail. So the odds are against you, but it can be done. The adamant armor is definetely the best armor in the game.

Q: I heard the man in the sewage pipe of FF7 was originally part of the way of reviving Aeris, but due to lack of time it was no go. Of course this is just a rumor I have no way of proving, just thought it would be interesting to know.

AK: It's just a rumor.

Q: My friend told me there was a sex scene in ff4j (he think. It might have been another game, but he was sure it was Final Fantasy.). I don't really belive him, but have you heard about anything like that?

AK: No, no, no, there's no graphic scene of pixel-love in FF4. The closest thing to it is that in the Japanese version, Cecil picks up a "dirty magazine," and his face turns red.

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