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To get to that item in Kalm: have Cloud try to reach it several times (keep hitting the circle button), until he gets annoyed and kicks the shelf, causing the item to fall. The item is an elixir. Thanks to the... three dozen or so of you that helped me out ;)

I also said that weapons and armor make a big difference in Final Fantasy I's battle system. Weapons make no difference, elemental wise, however. The weapon with the higher attack power will always be stronger. Only spells and armor are elementally modified.

Q: Hi. In the game FF7 there are several mentions of a show called: Loveless. Can you actually go and watch that show somewhere. You see the ad for it in the into cinema and a couple of shinra guards were talking about it and so did Cid in the Highwind. Is there a way to see that show?

AK: That'd be cool, but unfortunately you can't.

Q: 1) Just wondering, but how old are you guys at RPGAMER?
2) Why is it that I can never think of more than 2 good questions?
-Chinju =:>

AK: 1) We're young whipersnappers, ranging between the ages of 17 and 21.
2) You only have two brain cells? Haha. Just kidding.
3) Toldjaso!

Q: If you are so smart, down there at, then riddle me this: )?su cabb alac irtc elen afot niop ehts itah w:tn iH(? suca bbac irtc elee ht,h ostn icam yube lpoe pody hw
thew orld issq uare

AK: .Mu tsy s es uot ysa e,yldne irf resu a sa noint atuper a ev ah llits ye htes uaceb

Q: 1. Why is Square so obsessed with the name Cid? (There's a Cid in all the FF games after FF4j...)
2. How can I beat Didalos in the Colleseum (I know I didn't spell that right) to get Illumna?
3. Do you get anything if you "uncurse" the Cursed Ring?

AK: 1. The producer of the series sees the name as one of wisdom. Note the Cids in each game always shared wisdom of different sorts with the player.
2. Just use the usual Coliseum strategy, offering+dragon boots for double attack power and non-presence for half of the attacks.
3. Can't be done. You can only uncurse the cursed shield.

Q: Hello,
You seem to know something about just about anything, so I have a question or two for you. So, here goes.
First up: I've been hanging around the net for a good three or four years, and only recently did I read something that grabbed my attention. Apparently, while I was living under a rock, they made a converter for Super Famicom games so you could play Japanese games on an SNES. What exactly does the Converter convert (after all, the Super Famicom and the SNES are essentially the same, are they not)? More to the point, then. Why is it necessary?

AK: I wish I did, but I don't. I just pretend I do, or else this would be a really boring column. The converted for Super Famicom games is a cheap, $15 chunk of plastic whose sole purpose is to make the Japanese cart fit into the American system. The American systems have a tab of sorts to keep Japanese carts from fitting. The converter converts no data, does no translations, etc.

Q: I got a ton of bills in the mail today. I guess I was talking to too many people on the phone... I desperately need to leave the planet. Any suggestions?
The Red Scare

AK: Take a tree that's only slighter wider than you, so that you fit snugly into the trunk it's hollowed out. Then take a large balloon of sorts, and place it inside the trunk. Enter the trunk with the balloon, then fill up the balloon as much as possible. Take a pin and pop the balloon. The increased pressure inside the trunk should turn it into a giant pea shooter, and shoot you off to moon. Either that or try to dig up the Big Whale. I hear it's out in the Indian Ocean.

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