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Music correction. Haydn's "The Creation" is played as Midgar is destroyed. The lyrics to One Winged Angel are from "Carmina Burana."

Q: I have a question about the man in the sewage pipe in FF7. Does he have any significance other than the fact that he has a tattoo on his arm?

AK: Yeah, a big ole one! The tatoo shows that he too was a failed Sephiroth clone. He was also in a state similar to the one Cloud entered after getting Mako poisoning, showing that he too was severely Mako poisoned.

Q: In Kalm, there's this one drawer on the second floor of a building where if you go up to it and press O, it opens and you can see a potion or something in there, but Cloud says you can't reach it! Can you get it, or is it just Square's way of teasing people like us that keep going through people's homes?

AK: To be honest, I don't remember that specifically, but Square often does put treasure chests and stuff out of reach, maybe to annoy people, maybe programming goof. If there's a way to get to that, y'all let me know, I'll put it up (even if you can get to it, it's probably something not overly exciting...).

Q: Why does my 33.6K modem download at speeds of 1K? What does the Scroll Lock button do on my keyboard? And I heard if you get all of Shadow's (5? 7?) that you go to the Phoenix Cave and to the chest where you got the Warp Stone, and he will turn into Red Shadow. I also heard it is possible to get Siegfried and (Roy) Gerad on your team. I got Leo on my team, with Game Genie. Also, who do you think Cartman's dad is? Dean Macaoile

AK: Internet routes are weird things, and rarely will you get maximum speeds out of your modem. It's just the way the Internet works, it has nothing to do with your modem. Scroll lock keeps text from scrolling when at a DOS prompt. Nope, no way to get a Red Shadow. Nope, no way to get Siegried or Gerad on your team. I think Cartman's dad will turn out, in a weird and unexpected twist, to be Stan.

Q: I recentally heard that the looks of several bosses in Final Fantasy VII were changed for the English version. Like they just decided to make them look different or something. I also heard that in the Jap. FFVII it shows Tifa topless at some point, is this true and why would they leave something great like this out when they could just up the rating to M17. I mean with how they made Tifa look, she is by far the best video game babe ever.

AK: A few bosses were changed, mainly enhanced, for the U.S. version. Nope, Tifa never appears nude in the Japanese version of FFVII. "Leave something great like this out"? Man, it's just some polygons! She's not real! Get out some more buddy. Getting an M17 rating would really hurt game sales, too, considering the target audience. And in a world where it all revolves around money, that's a VERY big factor.

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